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Hello, my fellow AnimeVice members. Welcome to my second part of my first full-fledged attempt at a blog review of the hit harem/ecchi-action anime Kampfer (2009). If you have not read the first part of my review, please go to my blog page and look it up (My Impressions: Kampfer [Part One] [Remastered]) first before reading this review. Again, I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but whatever spoilers that are revealed will be hidden behind the "Spoiler Warning! " banner. This part of the review goes into greater detail and into deeper logic to help those better understand the themes and logic of the show. Enjoy!

4. The Moderator's War and Creation of Kampfers

 The reason behind the existance of Kampfers and why they must always fight against fellow Kampfers of the other side is a complicated one, full of speculation and unknown factors. The following information (containing some plot spoilers) roughly explains the war that the Moderators fought with each other, why Kampfers were created, and why they must fight against each other to represent each faction. It is revealed later in the anime the series of events that led to the creation of Kampfers and why they must fight the war that the Moderators had once fought among themselves.

5. The Bracelet of Oath

The Bracelet of Oath is a small, crown-edged metallic bracelet that resides on each Kampfer's right wrist. The bracelet comes in three different colors: Red, Blue, and White. This represents the Kampfer's faction, their allegiance, and signals when the transformation to their Kampfer form whenever the bracelet begins to glow brightly. For Natsuru, this means that his transformation into his female form is imminent, and that he goes and finds a area away from those who do not know about Kampfers so they do not witness his change of gender.  

6. Transformations (Explained)

Natsuru after finishing the change to his female Kampfer form
Natsuru after finishing the change to his female Kampfer form
The transformation process is what turns the selected person into a Kampfer in order to use their granted abilities against their enemies. Each Kampfer's power resides in the small, colored bracelet called the Bracelet of Oath; which is attached to their right wrist. Most of those who are chosen to become Kampfers are already female in gender, but it seems that Natsuru is apperently the first ever guy to be chosen to become a Kampfer. Since the person must be of the female sex to have full access to their granted powers, Natsuru must first change into a female version of himself in order to use his Zauber-Type Kampfer abilities. The indicator that the gender change for him is going to occur within a short period is when his Bracelet of Oath starts to brightly glow a bluish hue, essentially warning him that the change is about to occur and to go somewhere secure so that someone who does not know about the existence of Kampfers can not witness the transformation. 

7. The Three Types of Kampfers

There are three types of Kampfers created by the Moderators that exist in the show. Below is the list of those types,  who possesses them, and what powers does that type grants the user.
1. Gewehr-Type: This Kampfer has the ability to use various guns in battle. Akane Mishima (Blue) is a Gewehr-type and has access to a 1911 .45 Caliber Pistol when in her Kampfer form.     
 2. Zauber-Type: This Kampfer has the ability to use either magical fire or powerful energy attacks in battle. Natsuru Seno (Blue) is a Zauber-type and has access to magical fire attacks when in his female Kampfer form. 

3. Schwert-Type: This Kampfer has the ability to use deadly melee-based bladed weapons in battle. Both Shizuku Sango (Red) and Mikoto Kondo (Red) are Schwert-types; with Shizuku using twin daggers connected on a long chain and Mikoto wielding a deadly Japanese katana when they are in their Kampfer forms.  

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, Kampfer will entertain some with some of the wacky humor and others with the sexually-charged moments. This anime is full of great fan-service (if you are into those type of shows) and even when the plot and story sometimes falls flat, the mostly-interesting plight of Natsuru Seno and his Kampfer ordeal will keep you interested in the show. Not recommended for those who fail to appreciate the ecchi/harem aspects of the show.
The Good: Interesting characters, cool concepts, lots of fan-service to be found, several fast-paced action scenes, great graphical style.
The Bad: Stumbling plot, story never fully expands into it's potential, some dull moments, suffers from dissapointing moments, somewhat hit-or-miss pacing, show seems somewhat rushed and is confusing at times, Natsuru seems too much like a girl at times even when in his male form.

Final Score: 3.75 Stars out of 5 Possible Stars.
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