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Been busy the past week or so, which means I am hardly on here over that span of time. Will try to be on here more often
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Manga Franchises that I have Contributed To

The following list shows the manga franchises that I have worked on, contributed to, or edited here on AnimeVice (weither it be images, text, or other submissions):

1. Sora no Otoshimono

Main page complete, work on Vol. One started, work on Volumes Two thru 12 not yet started. Majority of character pages finished, several need rebooting, and the others need some TLC. (work in progress)

2. Medaka Box

Contributed to the volume pages that were blank (adding chapters, characters, and concepts/locations/objects to page) (work in progress)

3. Kämpfer

Contributed to all three volumes so far. Work on Volume One is on hold (35% or so completed) and work on Vol. 2 and 3 planned for ***April or later*** ***= changed due to commitments (work in progress)

4. Maid Bride

Completed as of August 2011. All Character pages complete as well. (work in progress)

5. Tsundero

Unfinished as of now. On hold along with Honey Blonde until the Winter Break. Work on Chapter One (and associated characters) complete, but 9 chapters and 22 other characters remain. (work in progress)

6. Honey Blonde

Unfinished as of now. On hold along with Tsundero until the Winter Break. Eleanor Mercer page complete, other 4 character pages in need of creation and TLC. Main page and volume page need to be overhauled.

7. High School DxD

Created the page and now working on future Wiki work/submissions for it. As of now, 5% complete (with new volumes inbound) (work in progress)

8. High School DxD (Light Novel)

As above, created the page and now working on future Wiki work/submissions for it. (work in progress)

9. Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki

Volume Page (Vol. One) (work in progress)

10. Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki

Book Page (work in progress)

11. Kanokon

One of my first ever wiki efforts on AV when I first joined (work in progress)

12. Seka x Seka

Volume Page (work in progress)

13. Seka x Seka

Main Book Page (work in progress)

14. Ikenai Roomshare

Main Volume Page (Work in progress)

15. Pipiruma!

Main Volume Page (Work in progress)

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