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In what is my first blog here on AnimeVice in over 5 months, I have decided to start writing reviews on the anime figures that I have purchased in the past year or so. Today, I will be writing a review on the 1/7th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure that I purchased from Play-Asia in mid-October. 

1/7th Scale Selvaria Bles (Box)
1/7th Scale Selvaria Bles (Box)

Some Quick Background Information

Produced by ALTER Corporation and licensed by SEGA as part of their "Project Valkyria" product lineup, the 1/7th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure was released in Japan and was made available on Play-Asia for sale mid-way through October 2010 for roughly 9,800 Yen (excluding taxes). It was sculpted by famed figure designer Motokatsu Hane for ALTER.

Analysis of Figure

Standing roughly 25 Cm tall, Selvaria Bles comes with a glossy black base with her Valkyria Shield, Lance, and a detachable cape that can be removed for display preference. The amazing amount of detail that both ALTER and Motokatsu Hane put into this figure is incredible, from the intricate details on her military outfit to the detail and coloring of her shield and lance. Her head is easily removable in order to swap in/out the cape and her two hands can be swapped out for either her lance/shield or hands-free depending on what you wish her to pose with. The intricate sword on her hip can be removed if desired, but for overall appearances, Selvaria Bles looks better with it attached. 

 Selvaria Bles (With Valkyria Lance/Shield shown in example)
 Selvaria Bles (With Valkyria Lance/Shield shown in example)

My Opinions

Selvaria Bles was the second figure that I added to my humble collection (and the first from ALTER), and I will admit that she is easily the favorite in my collection to date. With incredible detail, high quality, and great overall presence when displayed on my bookshelf, this is one purchase that I will not regret one bit.  I would highly recommend purchasing her to any figure collector or Valkyria Chronicle fan who would love to own a great piece of VC merchandise.

Slevaria Bles (Close-up Detail)
Slevaria Bles (Close-up Detail)

Final Scores

1/7th Scale Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles PVC Figure (2010 ALTER Co.)

Price: 9,800 Yen ($119.00 USD)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently Out of Stock on Play-Asia)
Detail: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Would I recommend it to others?: Yes

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