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Welcome, my fellow AnimeVice members, to this my latest anime figure review for AnimeVice. In what is my 2nd of three anime figure reviews that I am doing this week, my latest review will be on the 1/7th Scale PVC VOCALOID Hatsune Miku figure that I purchased from my good friend Ben Mailey in the United Kingdom this past May. 

 1/7th Scale Hatsune Miku (Box)
 1/7th Scale Hatsune Miku (Box)

Some Quick Background Information

Produced by the designers of MAX FACTORY and licensed by Crypton Future Media Inc, the 1/7th Scale PVC VOCALOID Hatsune Miku figure was released in Japan and was made available for sale in December 2009 for roughly 8,800 Yen (including taxes). It was sculpted by famed figure designer Kenichi Tsumura for MAX FACTORY.  

Analysis of Figure

Standing roughly 22 Cm tall, Hatsune Miku comes with a stamped black oval base that bears the Japanese logo for Hatsune Miku. The great amount of detail that both MAX FACTORY and sculptor Kenichi Tsumura have put into this figure is quite amazing, from the small details of her entire outfit to the outstanding blue/green color of her long hair. Unlike my 1/7th Scale Selvaria Bles figure, there are no additional pieces for Hatsune Miku that can be swapped in/out and nothing on the figure is removable. 

 Hatsune Miku (with black stamped oval base)
 Hatsune Miku (with black stamped oval base)

My Opinions

Hatsune Miku was the first figure that I purchased to start my humble anime figure collection this past May, and it was mostly by luck that I came across her. Back in April 2010, one of my friends from the Anime Gamer Clan (by the name of Ben Mailey, who lives in the United Kingdom), made the offer to anyone who was interested in purchasing the 1/7th Scale Hatsune Miku figure that his friend had decided to get rid of. Intrigued by the offer and the chance to get a good deal on her, I took up his offer and came into contact via Playfire with his friend Duncan of Lockerbie, Scotland in mid-May. He looked forward to sending me his Hatsune Miku figure, so long as I was willing to pay him roughly $120 for her (that included the international shipping and handling fees). I spent a week thinking it over, since at the time, the same figure on Play-Asia was running around $150 (before S&H fees). 
After 8 days, I contacted him and agreed to pay him the $120 via PayPal for the Hatsune Miku figure, and roughly 6 days later, on June 5th, 2010, she arrived in a well-worn Royal Mail box covered in United Kingdom and United States customs stickers. Ever since, she has been on the bookshelf on display for all who enter my room.

 Hatsune Miku (on display on bookshelf)
 Hatsune Miku (on display on bookshelf)

Final Scores

1/7th Scale VOCALOID Hatsune Miku PVC Figure (2009 GoodSmile/MAX FACTORY)

Price: 8,800 Yen (Roughly $95-$96 USD)
Availability: Limited (Currently Out of Stock/Print on Play-Asia)
Detail: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Would I Recommend it to Others?: Yes 

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