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Welcome, my fellow AnimeVice members, to this my third and final anime figure review for AnimeVice. In this latest figure review, I will be reviewing the 1/8th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott figure, the newest addition to my humble anime figure collection from Play-Asia this past December. 

1/8th Scale Alicia Melchiott (In Box)
1/8th Scale Alicia Melchiott (In Box)

Some Quick Background Information

Produced by KOTOBUKIYA Corporation and licensed by SEGA as part of their "Project Valkyria" product lineup, the 1/8th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott figure was released in Japan and was made available for sale in late December 2010 for roughly 7,120 Yen (excluding taxes). It was crafted by the famed figure sculptors at KOTOBUKIYA for KOTOBUKIYA Corporation, LTD.

Analysis of Figure

Standing roughly 21 Cm tall, Alicia Melchiott comes with her trademark rifle and her winged pig Hans on a special base modeled after the hatch-plate of the tank Edelweiss. The fine details that KOTOBUKIYA Co. and their prized sculptors have put into this figure is simply amazing, from the stark colors of her military uniform down to the bright, cheerful expression on her face. Unlike my other two figures that I own, Alicia Melchiott is mounted to her base and does not have any removable/switchable parts as in the case of my 1/7th Scale Selvaria Bles figure other than the rifle that can be placed in her hands. 

Alicia Melchiott (on base with rifle and her pig Hans)
Alicia Melchiott (on base with rifle and her pig Hans)

My Opinions

As a fan of the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, I was thrilled to discover that Play-Asia was releasing a new Alicia Melchiott figure in late December. Having just purchased the 1/7th Scale Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure only a month earlier, I decided to look into purchasing her as a Christmas gift for myself and to add to my humble anime figure. I pre-ordered her in early December and was able to secure one of the first batch of figures that Play-Asia had on hand before they sold out their stock for several days. The order shipped from Play-Asia on the 28th of December and arrived to my house on the late afternoon of January 3rd. Of the three anime figures that I own, she is easily my second favorite of the group behind the Selvaria Bles figure that I own. The only issue that I have with this figure is a rough line or two on both of her hands by the thumbs, perhaps artifacts from the production process. But in the end, I am very pleased with this purchase. 

Alicia Melchiott (Close-up from waist-up with Rifle)
Alicia Melchiott (Close-up from waist-up with Rifle)

Final Scores

1/8th Scale Valkyria Chronicles PVC Alicia Melchiott Figure (KOTOBUKIYA Co., LTD)

Price: 7,120 Yen (roughly $84.95 USD)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently available on Play-Asia as of 30 minutes ago)
Detail: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Would I Recommend it to Others?: Yes (especially to fans of the Valkyria Chronicles)

 (Edit: From now on, I will be doing a weekly feature of the anime figures currently on special promotion or newest releases on Play-Asia for Playfire and AnimeVice. Look for it later in the week!)
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