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(This blog consists of two parts, with Part I being the story of how I got it, and Part II being the review of the figure, complete with pros, cons, and my final score)

Part One: Getting the Figure for My Collection

Welcome, my fellow AnimeVice users, to this my blog regarding the arrival of my newest anime figure that I purchased for my collection. So far, I own the following figures:

Figure Collection (Selvaria Bles, Alicia Melchoitt, and Hatsune Miku)
Figure Collection (Selvaria Bles, Alicia Melchoitt, and Hatsune Miku)
  • 1/7th Scale PVC VOCALOID Hatsune Miku figure (GoodSmile Company)
  • 1/7th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure (ALTER Corporation)
  • 1/8th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott figure (Craftsmanship by KOTOBUKIYA)

On Wednesday afternoon of last week, the UPS truck arrived out front of our house, and the driver handed me the Play-Asia box that he was carrying in his hands. After signing for the package, I went back to my bedroom and excitedly opened the box, for I had been waiting roughly a month for the day when the newest addition to my anime figure collection would arrive from Japan. I removed the bubble wrap, and came face to face with the blue and white case for the Strike Witches 1/8th Scale PVC Charlotte E. Yeager figure from the ALTER Corporation. Carefully, I removed the case from the cardboard box and put it down on my bed to take a photo of before heading off to spend the weekend at my cousin's house for his birthday. Other than some slight damage to the bottom left corner of the case, it had arrived mainly unaffected by it's cross-Pacific delivery.

Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale PVC)
Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale PVC)

When I returned from kicking it with my cousin during his epic weekend bash yesterday, I awaited until my folks had gone off to sleep just after 10:00 PM before carefully moving around the main coffee table in the living room and cleaning it off so that I could take images of my newest figure to upload onto AnimeVice. With great care, I took my figure out into the living room and opened the case to remove Charlotte along with her BAR rifle, swappable Striker Unit propellers, and her translucent blue base from it's plastic container. I put the base together, removed her detachable hand to attach it to the BAR rifle, reattaching it in place to her body before joining the figure and it's base together. Now completed, I set off and took the following photos with my Canon Rebel XSi D-SLR camera.

Part II: The Review (2011 ALTER CORPORATION 1/8th Scale PVC Strike Witches Charlotte E. Yeager)

First off, I must give ALTER Corporation a lot of credit with creating another amazing figure that exceeds my expectations in both the quality and details on this figure. I was impressed as to just how much detail that they had given this figure, from the shiny Striker Units on her legs to the BAR rifle she wields down to the overall outfit that she has for this figure. The base that the figure perches on is a translucent blue, containing statistics regarding Charlotte's overall stats along with information on her weapon and Striker Units. The figure has several swappable parts, for it can be posed with or without the BAR rifle, and the propellers can be swapped on her Striker Units with either spinning blades or stopped blades depending on what the collector wishes for the figure to have when out on display.

This is my second figure from the ALTER Corporation (the other being my 1/7th Scale Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure), and once again they have truly outdone themselves in terms of overall quality, appearance, and the amount of details that they have put into this wonderful figure. I highly recommend this figure to any figure collector that is seeking a high-quality addition to their collections and to any Strike Witches or Charlotte E. Yeager fans that would love to add another wonderful figure to their collection.

Pros: Amazing Details, High Quality, Very Attractive to Look At and will make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Cons: Somewhat hard to get the BAR rifle into her removable hand, but it was much easier to remove it compared to placing it in her hands.

Final Score: 4.75 out of 5 Stars

Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale ALTER Corp)
Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale ALTER Corp)

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