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Been busy the past week or so, which means I am hardly on here over that span of time. Will try to be on here more often
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Concepts That I Have Contributed To (Beta)

The following are the concept pages that I have contributed to over the past two or so years. Can't exactly remember each concept I have worked on, but here are some of the basics:

1. Big Boobs

Work: Mostly images

2. Underwear

Work: Mostly images and minor work

3. Unreal Hair/Eye Color

Added a image or two

4. Kampfers

Work: Mostly content and soon to add images

5. Breast Envy

Work: Mostly content

6. Pregnancy

Work: Mostly content and a image

7. Angeloids

Work: Mostly content

8. Breast Expansion

Work: Mostly Content

9. World of Buxom

Work: A image or two

10. Product Placement

Work: Image or two along with minor content

11. Jealousy

Added basic format

12. Lustful Drooling

Linked to several characters, added image

13. Ecchi

Linked several characters to.

14. Vocaloid2

Minor work

15. Potential Love Interest

Linked characters to

16. Harem

Linked characters to

17. Magic

Linked characters to

18. Pettanko

Linked characters to

19. Oppai Mousepad


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