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It is that time of year again, when I find myself spending 10 or so hours at the main campus for Butte College, attending from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Thursday. As you can imagine, my time at college and amount of homework has taken it's toll on pretty much most of the free time that I had prior to the start of the semester two weeks ago, and thus my Wiki submissions have come to a crawl compared to what I was doing prior to college starting.

In this blog, I will discuss what my plans for my upcoming Wiki work will be whenever I do have a chance to get around to doing so.

I. Team Beelzebub (Takashichea, AnnaBanana, and I)

Several weeks ago, I managed to catch up to where the current Beelzebub anime was airing over on CrunchyRoll and found myself dying to do Wiki work related to the anime (which has caught my attention in a way not seen since Angel Beats! caught my eye when it first came out). At the time, both Takashichea and AnnaBanana were working on the episodes for Beelzebub on AnimeVice, as well as juggling the workload on the Fairy Tail and SKET Dance episodes. I decided to see if they could use some more help in regards to getting images for Beelzebub, and they were glad to accept me into their Beelzebub Wiki group.

For the first few episodes that I worked on with them, I mainly was adding images (as seen in the example above) for the episodes and touching up the concepts/characters (making sure that they were all accounted for), but since then, I have begun more advance work on the episode pages. Starting with Ep. 32, I began creating the pages for each new episode, adding concepts, characters, locations, and swapping off with AnnaBanana as to what episodes we trade off on adding images for. So far, I have amassed roughly 1,400 combined points on the work I have done on multiple Beelzebub episode pages, character pages, and the main anime page (highest total of points earned: 600+). It is a absolute pleasure to work with two great Wiki partners who know that they are doing and knock out edits in rapid, detailed succession.

My Major Work (Beelzebub Episodes):

1. Episode 31: No Conclusion was Reached (Added images)

2. Episode 32: What Has the Transfer Girl Done? (Created page, added characters/concepts/locations)

3. Episode 33: There Are Wounds in the Past (Created page, added images, characters/concepts/locations)

4. Episode 34: Maids Run Amok (Created page, will add full roster of characters/concepts/locations involved after it airs on CR 9/17/2011)

II. Sora no Otoshimono (Solo Effort with thanks to FoxxFireArt for creating volume pages/adding covers)

Recently, FoxxFireArt noticed that the Sora no Otoshimono manga (the series that spawned the popular Heaven's Lost Property anime) did not have a page here on the Vice, so he took the time to create the necessary pages and contacted me in regards to their creation. I thanked him for creating the pages and began the task of filling out the main volume page before tackling the twelve individual volume pages. Prior to this, I have been a avid fan of the series (anime/manga) since I came across them in 2009, so I was thrilled to have the chance to fill out detailed pages for each volume. After 6 hours of work (typing, editing, photo hunting, linking, and tweaking), I wrapped up the main page just shy of the 5,000 Wiki point mark. Several days ago, I began the task of knocking out the page for Sora no Otoshimono: Volume One and so far I have amassed over 3,000 points on just writing the information for only the first chapter.

(PS - My Wiki style revolves around one thing: details, details, details. Sometimes I tend to go overboard on the details and end up submitting content that effectively spoils whatever I write about. I have been working on trimming down what I type, but I am a details specialist when it comes to editing.)

III. Tsundero (Solo Project: Currently on Hold)

Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)
Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)

Over the summer, I took up the challenge of creating pages for Hentai-related manga volumes that were tasteful, appropriate, and would make great additions to the AV Wiki database. Starting in May, I began my task in earnest with two H-manga series that I had recently read and have become quite fond of: Honey Blonde and Maid Bride. In the period of 5 months, I completely knocked out all of the Maid Bride manga (all of the character pages, the main page, the volume page, and all images associated with the pages in question). In total, I amassed over 18,000 Wiki points on all of those pages.

Honey Blonde, however, has been a love/hate relationship when it comes to me editing it's pages. I created the main page, volume page, and knocked out the Eleanor Mercer page, but I find it hard to go back and knock out the other 5 character pages for some reason. I did achieve over 6,000 Wiki points on it's associated pages, however. I will try to get back to working on the remaining pages around Thanksgiving.

Tsundero (Manga)
Tsundero (Manga)

That brings me to my latest effort in the H-manga submissions that I am working on: Tsundero. This will be the biggest project that I have tackled since my extensive work on Maid Bride, with 24 characters spread out over 10 chapters and lots and lots of information to write. It also marks the most censoring of images that I have ever done in regards to images that I submit. So far, I have knocked out the main paige, the volume page, and completed the character pages for the two characters involved in "Cute Succubus", Tsundero's first chapter. It was about that time that I became interested in Beelzebub, and this I have put this project on hold for now. So far, I have amassed over 10,000 points so far on the 4 pages created so far.

Well, now you know what I will be working on for the next several months. Wish me luck in my endeavors, everyone!


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