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It is that time of year again, when I find myself spending 10 or so hours at the main campus for Butte College, attending from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Thursday. As you can imagine, my time at college and amount of homework has taken it's toll on pretty much most of the free time that I had prior to the start of the semester two weeks ago, and thus my Wiki submissions have come to a crawl compared to what I was doing prior to college starting.

In this blog, I will discuss what my plans for my upcoming Wiki work will be whenever I do have a chance to get around to doing so.

I. Team Beelzebub (Takashichea, AnnaBanana, and I)

Several weeks ago, I managed to catch up to where the current Beelzebub anime was airing over on CrunchyRoll and found myself dying to do Wiki work related to the anime (which has caught my attention in a way not seen since Angel Beats! caught my eye when it first came out). At the time, both Takashichea and AnnaBanana were working on the episodes for Beelzebub on AnimeVice, as well as juggling the workload on the Fairy Tail and SKET Dance episodes. I decided to see if they could use some more help in regards to getting images for Beelzebub, and they were glad to accept me into their Beelzebub Wiki group.

For the first few episodes that I worked on with them, I mainly was adding images (as seen in the example above) for the episodes and touching up the concepts/characters (making sure that they were all accounted for), but since then, I have begun more advance work on the episode pages. Starting with Ep. 32, I began creating the pages for each new episode, adding concepts, characters, locations, and swapping off with AnnaBanana as to what episodes we trade off on adding images for. So far, I have amassed roughly 1,400 combined points on the work I have done on multiple Beelzebub episode pages, character pages, and the main anime page (highest total of points earned: 600+). It is a absolute pleasure to work with two great Wiki partners who know that they are doing and knock out edits in rapid, detailed succession.

My Major Work (Beelzebub Episodes):

1. Episode 31: No Conclusion was Reached (Added images)

2. Episode 32: What Has the Transfer Girl Done? (Created page, added characters/concepts/locations)

3. Episode 33: There Are Wounds in the Past (Created page, added images, characters/concepts/locations)

4. Episode 34: Maids Run Amok (Created page, will add full roster of characters/concepts/locations involved after it airs on CR 9/17/2011)

II. Sora no Otoshimono (Solo Effort with thanks to FoxxFireArt for creating volume pages/adding covers)

Recently, FoxxFireArt noticed that the Sora no Otoshimono manga (the series that spawned the popular Heaven's Lost Property anime) did not have a page here on the Vice, so he took the time to create the necessary pages and contacted me in regards to their creation. I thanked him for creating the pages and began the task of filling out the main volume page before tackling the twelve individual volume pages. Prior to this, I have been a avid fan of the series (anime/manga) since I came across them in 2009, so I was thrilled to have the chance to fill out detailed pages for each volume. After 6 hours of work (typing, editing, photo hunting, linking, and tweaking), I wrapped up the main page just shy of the 5,000 Wiki point mark. Several days ago, I began the task of knocking out the page for Sora no Otoshimono: Volume One and so far I have amassed over 3,000 points on just writing the information for only the first chapter.

(PS - My Wiki style revolves around one thing: details, details, details. Sometimes I tend to go overboard on the details and end up submitting content that effectively spoils whatever I write about. I have been working on trimming down what I type, but I am a details specialist when it comes to editing.)

III. Tsundero (Solo Project: Currently on Hold)

Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)
Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)

Over the summer, I took up the challenge of creating pages for Hentai-related manga volumes that were tasteful, appropriate, and would make great additions to the AV Wiki database. Starting in May, I began my task in earnest with two H-manga series that I had recently read and have become quite fond of: Honey Blonde and Maid Bride. In the period of 5 months, I completely knocked out all of the Maid Bride manga (all of the character pages, the main page, the volume page, and all images associated with the pages in question). In total, I amassed over 18,000 Wiki points on all of those pages.

Honey Blonde, however, has been a love/hate relationship when it comes to me editing it's pages. I created the main page, volume page, and knocked out the Eleanor Mercer page, but I find it hard to go back and knock out the other 5 character pages for some reason. I did achieve over 6,000 Wiki points on it's associated pages, however. I will try to get back to working on the remaining pages around Thanksgiving.

Tsundero (Manga)
Tsundero (Manga)

That brings me to my latest effort in the H-manga submissions that I am working on: Tsundero. This will be the biggest project that I have tackled since my extensive work on Maid Bride, with 24 characters spread out over 10 chapters and lots and lots of information to write. It also marks the most censoring of images that I have ever done in regards to images that I submit. So far, I have knocked out the main paige, the volume page, and completed the character pages for the two characters involved in "Cute Succubus", Tsundero's first chapter. It was about that time that I became interested in Beelzebub, and this I have put this project on hold for now. So far, I have amassed over 10,000 points so far on the 4 pages created so far.

Well, now you know what I will be working on for the next several months. Wish me luck in my endeavors, everyone!


ShadowKnight508 is a regular member of AnimeVice, having been appointed to the rank of Forum Moderator by the AV Staff in order to help ensure the quality of the forums and combat spammers. He is active in the forums and can be usually found doing one of his several planned Wiki Projects for AV's massive Wiki database when he is not keeping the forums or site safe from spam/ad-bots and trolling. You can follow ShadowKnight508 on Twitter:!/ShadowKnight508 and can also be found on on Giant Bomb as well.

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I was crunching the numbers of the top-10 users on the Wiki Points list of the Users section of AnimeVice this morning, and I was amazed at the total amount of points that those top-10 scorers have amassed when you combine their points. Below is the current scores (as of when I post this):

  • FoxFireArt: 583,887
  • Obsidian609: 470,688
  • Juuhachi: 179,073
  • Takashichea: 145,224
  • Gia: 134,955
  • Kas: 125,007
  • AnnaBanana: 120,740
  • Devilly: 116,620
  • sickVisionz: 116,351
  • RedRoses: 101,138

Using my calculator program on my iMac, I crunched the numbers and came out with a staggering number: 2,138,683 Points! Even with several members on that list not being active on the Vice anymore (such as Gia, who left to do her own anime site and then went to ANN), that total is nothing short of impressive.

Now that is a lot of points!
Now that is a lot of points!

Now, I know that this is a random blog by my standards, but that is some amazing numbers that these AV members have achieved since 2008!

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(This blog consists of two parts, with Part I being the story of how I got it, and Part II being the review of the figure, complete with pros, cons, and my final score)

Part One: Getting the Figure for My Collection

Welcome, my fellow AnimeVice users, to this my blog regarding the arrival of my newest anime figure that I purchased for my collection. So far, I own the following figures:

Figure Collection (Selvaria Bles, Alicia Melchoitt, and Hatsune Miku)
Figure Collection (Selvaria Bles, Alicia Melchoitt, and Hatsune Miku)
  • 1/7th Scale PVC VOCALOID Hatsune Miku figure (GoodSmile Company)
  • 1/7th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure (ALTER Corporation)
  • 1/8th Scale PVC Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott figure (Craftsmanship by KOTOBUKIYA)

On Wednesday afternoon of last week, the UPS truck arrived out front of our house, and the driver handed me the Play-Asia box that he was carrying in his hands. After signing for the package, I went back to my bedroom and excitedly opened the box, for I had been waiting roughly a month for the day when the newest addition to my anime figure collection would arrive from Japan. I removed the bubble wrap, and came face to face with the blue and white case for the Strike Witches 1/8th Scale PVC Charlotte E. Yeager figure from the ALTER Corporation. Carefully, I removed the case from the cardboard box and put it down on my bed to take a photo of before heading off to spend the weekend at my cousin's house for his birthday. Other than some slight damage to the bottom left corner of the case, it had arrived mainly unaffected by it's cross-Pacific delivery.

Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale PVC)
Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale PVC)

When I returned from kicking it with my cousin during his epic weekend bash yesterday, I awaited until my folks had gone off to sleep just after 10:00 PM before carefully moving around the main coffee table in the living room and cleaning it off so that I could take images of my newest figure to upload onto AnimeVice. With great care, I took my figure out into the living room and opened the case to remove Charlotte along with her BAR rifle, swappable Striker Unit propellers, and her translucent blue base from it's plastic container. I put the base together, removed her detachable hand to attach it to the BAR rifle, reattaching it in place to her body before joining the figure and it's base together. Now completed, I set off and took the following photos with my Canon Rebel XSi D-SLR camera.

Part II: The Review (2011 ALTER CORPORATION 1/8th Scale PVC Strike Witches Charlotte E. Yeager)

First off, I must give ALTER Corporation a lot of credit with creating another amazing figure that exceeds my expectations in both the quality and details on this figure. I was impressed as to just how much detail that they had given this figure, from the shiny Striker Units on her legs to the BAR rifle she wields down to the overall outfit that she has for this figure. The base that the figure perches on is a translucent blue, containing statistics regarding Charlotte's overall stats along with information on her weapon and Striker Units. The figure has several swappable parts, for it can be posed with or without the BAR rifle, and the propellers can be swapped on her Striker Units with either spinning blades or stopped blades depending on what the collector wishes for the figure to have when out on display.

This is my second figure from the ALTER Corporation (the other being my 1/7th Scale Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles figure), and once again they have truly outdone themselves in terms of overall quality, appearance, and the amount of details that they have put into this wonderful figure. I highly recommend this figure to any figure collector that is seeking a high-quality addition to their collections and to any Strike Witches or Charlotte E. Yeager fans that would love to add another wonderful figure to their collection.

Pros: Amazing Details, High Quality, Very Attractive to Look At and will make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Cons: Somewhat hard to get the BAR rifle into her removable hand, but it was much easier to remove it compared to placing it in her hands.

Final Score: 4.75 out of 5 Stars

Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale ALTER Corp)
Charlotte E. Yeager Figure (1/8th Scale ALTER Corp)

ShadowKnight508 is a regular member of AnimeVice, having been appointed to the rank of Forum Moderator by the AV Staff two weeks ago. He is active in the forums and can be usually found doing one of his several planned Wiki Projects for AV's massive Wiki database when he is not keeping the forums or site safe from spam/ad-bots and trolling. You can follow ShadowKnight508 on Twitter:!/ShadowKnight508 and can also be found on on Giant Bomb as well.

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Over the past several months, I have been mostly silent in the Wiki department, since I was gearing up for the upcoming FanimeCon 2011 and put my Wiki submissions on hold. I was doing some minor work with some submissions, but they were usually me adding some missing details or linking the pages to the appropriate areas. Now, with the summer break in full swing and lots of free time on my hands, I have gotten back into doing what I do best; detailed Wiki submissions. This latest project of mine has me trying to make a tasteful hentai-related page and the character pages for the Maid Bride manga. It is quite hard trying to make pages for a hentai manga, without going overboard and making the pages any more inappropriate than they should be. For these submissions, I try to tone down the nature of the content that I submit, thus making the pages cleaner than they normally would have been.

So far, I have completed the following (taken from my list):

My Work: Maid Bride

The following list is the pages that I have created for the Maid Bride manga. The main page, 1/2 of the character pages, and the manga page are currently finished. Now working on the Yuuki page, with work on the Bocchama, Kishita, and Yuuki's Boyfriend pages in the works.

(NOTE: This list will be updated whenever I complete a page or make a new page for the franchise.)

My Work: Maid Bride

The following list is the pages that I have created for the Maid Bride manga. The main page, 1/2 of the character pages, and the manga page are currently finished. Now working on the Yuuki page, with work on the Bocchama, Kishita, and Yuuki's Boyfriend pages in the works.

(NOTE: This list will be updated whenever I complete a page or make a new page for the franchise.)

1. Maid Bride

The main page for the Maid Bride manga. Mostly complete, will be done when I have created all of the character pages. Current point total: 4,282 Points.

2. Akira Midorikawa

The main female character of the main story from the Maid Bride manga. Moves in as a "live-in" maid for her neighbor Kubota Arutarou and eventually becomes involved with him sexually. Roughly 1/2 complete at 450+ Points.

3. Kubota Arutarou

As mentioned above, hires Akira to be his "live-in" maid at his apartment. Having always fantasied about being with a maid, he becomes sexually intimate with Akira, unable to restrain himself from loving her. By the end of their story, they have become a couple that loves each other. 100% complete with 2,400+ points.

4. White Princess

The beautiful Princess that is forced to become Zande's sexual plaything when he blackmails her with the news that he alone can cure the horrible disease that threatens to kill her mother, the Queen. Slowly has her pride broken by him until she is nothing but a sex-craving woman. Just completed with 643 Points.

5. Staff Officer Zande

The cruel, heartless man who makes the Queen gravely ill with a terrible disease, he blackmails the Princess into becoming his sex slave for if she refuses, he will not give the Queen the cure to help her survive. Completed with 729 Points.

6. Yuuko

A lonely, air-headed teacher at the High School she teaches at, Yuuko becomes involved with one of her students after a series of embarrassing events involving her breasts/nipples showing through her shirt in front of the class. When Kishita confesses his feelings to her, she has sex with him and they become a quasi-couple. Completed with 743 Points.

7. Yuuki

A shy, timid girl that spends her days inside living out her hardcore otaku lifestyle in private, much to the irritation of her current boyfriend. This page is now finished with roughly 750 points.

8. Hosokawa Hazuki

The girlfriend of one Takayuki, Hosokawa keeps a major secret from him regarding her breasts (which are small and she has used foam inserts to make him believe that she had E-cups. Completed with roughly 800 points (will add images after bug issue is resolved)

9. Takayuki

The boyfriend of one Hosokawa Hazuki. He has been dating her for two years, and longs for the day in which she will allow him to fondle her massive breasts. Completed with roughly 800 or so points.

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It took me awhile to write and edit, but I have finally gotten my content all together and have wrapped up writing most of my experiences at this year's FanimeCon 2011 in San Jose, Califorina. In this first of two segments that highlights my four days of wandering around, taking photos, and interviewing people for this feature, I will discuss what I saw at FanimeCon cosplay-wise, from the basic cosplayers to the elaborate cosplays that left people standing there in amazement. In addition, I have two of the interviews that I conducted for this feature, as well as some cosplay photos that I took during my travels around the San Jose Convention Center over the four-day duration of FanimeCon. I hope that you enjoy reading this feature as much as I did writing about my experiences.

One of many awesome, elaborate cosplays that I came across at FanimeCon 2011 xD
One of many awesome, elaborate cosplays that I came across at FanimeCon 2011 xD


This year, I was able to make the pilgrimage from my hometown of Chico, California down to San Jose for FanimeCon 2011, which ran from Thursday, May 27th until Monday, May 30th at the San Jose Convention Center in downtown San Jose. From the moment I first reached the Convention Center at roughly 11:30 AM Friday morning until I got on the 12:50 PM AMTRAK train back to Sacramento on Monday, I was amazed and thrilled to be surrounded by roughly 15,000 or more fellow anime/manga fans doing what they do best: partaking in four days of Con madness. I was surrounded by a horde of people, ranging from photographers to cosplayers to members of the media and everything in between as FanimeCon 2011 officially got underway at 2:00 PM Friday with the Opening Ceremonies. Armed with my 2009 Canon Rebel XSi D-SLR camera, a pair of 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses, and two 8GB memory cards that could hold 1,350 images apiece, I set forth into the masses and began my 4-day adventure at FanimeCon 2011, taking cosplay images, conducting interviews, and helping my new friend (and fellow photographer) Sam Lau with his photoshoots outside of the Convention Center with dozens of cosplayers.

Two of the many Black Butler-related cosplays seen at FanimeCon 2011 (Grell and Ciel)
Two of the many Black Butler-related cosplays seen at FanimeCon 2011 (Grell and Ciel)

Cosplay at FanimeCon: From the Basic to the Amazing!

When I attended the opening day of FanimeCon 2010 last year (from 8 AM until 2:30 PM), I managed to walk around the Convention Center taking images of various cosplayers that were making the rounds of the area before I had to leave. This year, I decided to employ the same strategy that I had used for the 6 hours of the previous year, by making constant loops of the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and outside of the Convention Center, taking images of any cosplay that captured my attention or was worthy of being captured with my camera. This year, I began to notice after several hours that there were a ton of VOCALOID, One Piece, Black Butler, and various Final Fantasy cosplays (ranging from FFV all the way to FFXIII) at FanimeCon to behold, and they seemed to be the most popular series/franchises to cosplay as this year. I lost count of how many different cosplays from different series that I came across, but I am quite sure that it was quite a high number in the end. Some of the best cosplays that I came across were from the VOCALOID, Eureka 7, One Piece, Black Butler, Final Fantasy, Puella Magi Madoka★Magica, Code Geass, Street Fighter, Rozen Maiden, and other franchises that I could not name (not familiar with them)

One of the many cosplayers participating in a photoshoot (Cosplaying as Luka Megurine of the VOCALOID franchise)
One of the many cosplayers participating in a photoshoot (Cosplaying as Luka Megurine of the VOCALOID franchise)

In addition, the types of cosplay that I came across at FanimeCon were quite amazing, from the basic cosplays that new cosplayers or low-budget cosplayers donned for convention all the way to the elaborate, high budget cosplays that had photographers swarming them like flies, all trying to capture images of their amazing cosplay from whatever series/franchise it was from. There were dozens of scheduled cosplayer gatherings being held at FanimeCon, which allowed for a large number of cosplayers dressed as the characters of their favorite franchises to participate in mass photoshoots and to interact with each other under the leadership of the leader of their gathering. I managed to attend 5 gatherings (VOCALOID, Pokemon, K-ON!, Valve, and Black Butler) at FanimeCon this year, taking image of the large number of cosplayers that participated in each of their respective gatherings. One of the people that I managed to interview for my feature was the leader of the VOCALOID gathering that was held on Friday at 5:30 PM, and our brief interview is as follows:

Here is Chirstina, cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and leader of the VOCALOID gathering at FanimeCon 2011.
Here is Chirstina, cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and leader of the VOCALOID gathering at FanimeCon 2011.

ShadowKnight508: So, what got you into cosplaying at FanimeCon?

Christina: Just going to the convention and seeing the cosplays and like "That looks like fun!" *laughs*

ShadowKnight508: So, what got you into cosplaying as VOCALOID?

Christina: Um, I dunno...I just love Miku, she's a great character. Um, I'm not really sure...she is just like my favorite, so....*laughs*

ShadowKnight508: So, what was your budget and what was the effort needed for your cosplay?

Christina: Um...budget was about...I wanna say around $200+. Um, it was originally about...maybe I think $75 for the wig and like $80 for the cosplay itself plus shipping, so and then I added on props later, so that total is around $50 or so.

ShadowKnight508: Thanks for participating, Christina! Enjoy the rest of your Con!

Working with Sam Lau (

Around 2 PM on Friday afternoon at FanimeCon 2011, I came across a Sucker Punch photoshoot that featured a Babydoll and other cosplays from the film. As one of the cosplayers posed with a rifle on a bike, the wind began to swirl quite strongly, sending one of the reflector screens that one photographer had set up flying. I grabbed onto it and put it back in place, holding it still until he was finished. After the shoot was over, he introduced himself to me as Sam Lau, a photographer from Toronto, Canada who was attending FanimeCon 2011 to take images for his profile on I decided that he was a neat guy to hang around with, so I asked if I could become his assistant/partner for the day. He agreed, and from that point on, I was assisting him with his photoshoots for the remaining three days of the convention. We took many images as a team, with me assisting him in his shots by holding/angling the light reflecting screen or holding the screen with a Pocket Wizard-enabled flash for additional lighting. While he packed up after he had finished, I would take my quick shots of the subject and then proceed off with Sam to find the next cosplayer to shoot. We spent the most time with a Sailor Mercury cosplayer (Sailor Moon), taking her images at the fountains at the Cesar Chavez Memorial Park and in the one fancy area of the hotel that Sam was staying at.

His images (which turned out much better, due to his impressive Nikon camera and incredible lenses), can be found on under Baron Karza, his profile name.

Over the 4 days we worked together, we took images of at least 60 different cosplayers, most of which had some stunning outfits or amazing props to go with their cosplay. Below are some of the many cosplay photos that I took at FanimeCon 2011 this year. The rest (meaning the other 150 or so) can be found on my DeviantArt profile (which will be linked down below the images):

Overall, my experience at FanimeCon 2011 was a great one, for spending almost four days engulfed by all things anime/manga with over 15,000 people is nothing short of epic. I took roughly 500 images at FanimeCon, with around 280 of them turning out to be the best of the bunch, so those 280 or so are being uploaded onto my DeviantArt account (around 70% of them are loaded up as we speak). In part two of my feature on my trip to FanimeCon 2011, I will post the other three interviews that I managed to conduct, more cosplay images, photos from several of the gatherings, my Con pass, the FanimeCon 2011 guidebook, and show the band of religious protestors that show up and heckled the con attendees (which led to some funny moments with cosplayers mocking them, horsing around them until the cops showed up, and ended with a Jesus cosplayer walking in front of their group, arms spread wide and looking towards the heavens as the crowds cheered him on).

ShadowKnight's DeviantArt Profile:

*ShadowKnight508 is a frequent user of AnimeVice, with almost 24,000 Wiki points worth of work to his name and many blogs to his credit. You can find him watching anime, taking photos, gaming, or working on the Honey Blonde/Maid Bride wiki pages.*

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