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Been busy the past week or so, which means I am hardly on here over that span of time. Will try to be on here more often
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It's me again...I epic failed my first blog post (got deleted for trying to refer members to another site that I was a clan member of...idiotic mistake of mine) let me try to start off with a clean slate:
*takes deep breath*
Over the past several years, I have watched many different anime shows over the internet and the shows I own on my PS3. From the 51-episode saga of the FullMetal Alchemist (2004-2006) anime to the ecchi-filled and outrageously funny Sora No Otoshimono (2009) anime, I have seen many different types of shows. Below is a list of most of the shows that I have watched since my first days of anime (Pokemon/Digimon) thru what I am watching now (He is My Master/Bleach). Enjoy!  

(The following list is taken from my Favorite Anime list off of my profile)

My favorite animes! :D

A list of my favorite animes that I have watched in the past decade.

1. Bleach

Now up to episode 87...will try the manga soon.

2. Kampfer

The ideas behind the show are novel, but the story (especially the last episode and the two specials) falls flat. Nothing hurts a man's manhood knowing that you change into a girl when danger arises.

3. InuYasha

One of the first anime shows that I watched and loved. Now rewatching it (up to episode 53 on the original series) and will give the Final Act a try when done.

4. Sora no Otoshimono

A great show (even if flawed in several ways) to watch if you are a fan of ecchi anime. Season 2 got the green light for the fall, so I await for it's release.

5. One Piece

Another great anime show that has yet to disapoint me...I am thru episode 20 at the moment (I need to catch up big-time) and loving it. Thank you RB8Gem9 for the recomendation to this show! n_n

6. Pokémon

The first anime show that effectively began my love of the anime genre. I watched every episode from 1997 to 2000 before moving on to other shows (Digimon stole me away in the summer of 2000).

7. Digimon

One of the greatest anime juggernauts of the late 1990's into the early 2000's. This series had me watching every episode from the original show (Digimon Adventure) thru the conclusion of the Tamers saga in 2002-2003.

8. Elfen Lied

A dark, twisted show that is one of the more thought-provoking animes that I have ever seen...lots of blood and gore here along with full nudity, so I don't recommend this to anyone under the age of 16.

9. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

I liked the original movie, so I gave the anime show a try. So far it is pretty decent (thru episode 7 at the moment), but I have put watching it on hold to focus my efforts onto my college studies.

10. He is my Master

Another great show if you are a fan of the ecchi anime genre. I personally love seeing the one boy getting the living daylights knocked out of him by the one maid. Thru episode 9 at the moment.

11. Gunslinger Girl

Thru episode 3 at the moment...I can't say that it is the greatest anime I have watched, but it is good nevertheless.

12. Omamori Himari

Another great ecchi anime that I am currently watching (on episode 6). I recommend this to all who love face-paced, random shows.

13. Rosario + Vampire

Another prime example of a great Ecchi anime show that I have watched. Full of outrageous moments, one lucky guy (Tuskune Aono), and a whole lot of girl-on-girl fighting for the right to make him their lover.

14. Rosario to Vampire Capu2

The successful continuation of the Rosario + Vampire series, with Moka's vampire sister throwing a curveball into the wacky adventures of Tuskune Aono and his friends. I highly recommend this show to those who have enjoyed the first show.

15. Fullmetal Alchemist

One of the great anime shows of the 2000's...Funny, addictive, thought-provoking, and danger all packed into one show. Just don't comment on Ed's lack of height, please? He might pummel you to death before Alphonse has time to remove him from your body.

16. Dragon Ball Z

Another great show from the 2000's...I admit that I have not seen very much of this show, but from what I have seen, I love it.

These are the last 16 major anime series/shows that I have watched since 1997.  I am currently watching the Omamori Himari, One Piece, and Bleach animes.  Based on the shows posted above, do any of you have shows that I can watch?
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