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Announced: D.C. III ~Da Capo~ Anime, USB Upgraded Visual Novel, and D.C. III: Project Touched

Originally launched in April of this year as the 3rd release of the popular Da Capo romantic visual novel franchise produced by developer Circus Games, D.C. III was a hit with it's devoted fan base. It has been revealed today that as part of the 10 Year Project for the Da Capo franchise, fans can expect not only a new anime series based on the hit visual novel title that will launch in 2013, but a updated USB Edition of the D.C. III visual novel game and a new project going by the name of D.C. III: Project Touched. Below are images related to the announcements, along with a official extended trailer for the D.C. III anime (or visual novel, not sure) and links to both the main story and the D.C. III site.

Full Story Link:

Official D.C. III Site Link:

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