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Cosplayers came out in droves to this, my first convention. It was a one-size-fits-all-geeks sort of event, with seemingly no theme. There were anime booths, comic kiosks, action figures, actors, and a cosplay contest. I thoroughly enjoyed it, mostly because of the cosplay. Here are a few of the better cosplayers I saw there today. 





The girl in the purple is my new idea of what the girl of my dreams looks like. I discovered, today, how much I actually love cosplay.
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I just finished Witchblade tonight. While it was one of the more addictive and interesting anime series I've seen in a long time, I was very dissatisfied with the ending. I prefer closure, but this one was left wide open....well, as long as you keep in mind that just about anything can happen in an anime.
I actually don't have any idea what it was that kept me so into the story from start to finish. I watched the entire series incredibly quickly (for me), and wondered how it was possible that it would all end by episode 24. It seemed like it could go on for 50 episodes, easily.

I usually have a more thoughtful assessment of a piece of art, but the appeal of Witchblade eludes me (it's not the buxom female characters, although those are certainly nice). I highly, highly recommend it. I've never read Witchblade comics or seen the TV show, so I came into it as a total newbie. I absolutely loved it...except for the end.
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