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Before I went  to see The last airbender   I started getting some hate mail saying that the movie was gonna suck, so don't see it.  I will admit I was scared. After all with all the trailers the movie looked like it was going to be awesome.  I went to the guy who I got all my updates from name Jeff Palmer on youtube and he said that everyone was analyzing   the scenes to harshly.  He was gave out info that eased my soul. I later went to see the movie after we left from watching Eclipse with my entire family . We ordered a ticket before 5 and we saw the movie in 3D. It was obvious the movie wasn't needed to be in 3D. When I sat down the first thing I saw was The Last Airbender book 1. The story was tolled by Katara 

Steps to loving The last Airbender

1. The movie is very fast paced so you might want to stay at your seat at all times and be completely in tuned with the movie, but if you must leave then have a friend tell you what you missed.  

2. Don't worry about all the evil reviews because those people just didn't stay updated, and some of them hated M Night and just want to bash him.   

3. The movie is just like the series so enjoy it.
4. It is a adaption people so please be realistic 

5. Many people say you have to, but I was just fine. They say you have to watch it twice. That is true if you hated it the first time since every person who hated the movie and watched it a second time completely loved it and thought it was great. Hey I might watch it again too. It may actually be better for me too. 
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