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First Impressions

After I finished reading the chapter I thought about how typical that actually was. I mean Akon goes to get Ichigo Kurosaki to save Soul Society once again. I still thought it was a goos chapter and a big step up from just seeing the captains loose there bankai and run around like a bunch of dumb asses. Not to mention I loved the talk between Akon and Kisuke.

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Still liked the talk between Akon and Kisuke
  • You know Ichigo's design still looks bad ass
  • Nice to get back to Kirge vs Ichigo because I wanted it more
  • See Pesche and Donchahakacha

The Bad

  • Where is Nel and Orihime!??
  • If Orihime goes with them to Soul Society then the shingami have a shot NOOOOO
  • I was hoping to see Grimmjow here actually cuz a while back Kisuke saw some one.... What happened????

Rating: 7.5/10

In the end it wasn't the greatest thing I had ever seen in Bleach but it was still a good chapter and it got me pumped to see what would happen next.

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Suddenly the clouds began to darken as streaks of light scurried over the sky. “What a troublesome child you are..” Rayoku looked down at the young boy. “I saw Shenlong that day too ya know” he replied. ‘So is that why you're after the immortal Chinese dragon then?” Rokue exclaimed. Rayoka nodded. “Rokue.. I have a question” Rokue looked at him bitting his bottom lip as he watched it begin to bleed out. “What!!!” he began to show his irritation “Have you ever heard of the Invasion of Earth?” Rayoka asked. “So you know about it too then huh” Rokue walked up to the green skinned male. “That is correct” Rayoka replied. Rokue turned back away from him. “My father, Tokune Koi Rokue, told me about it” Rokue continued. “He says I was only 2 years old when it had happened” “Well something bothers me on the invasion still boy” Rayoka replied. “During that invasion the mighty Shenlong was born” Rokue's skin turned cold and pale. He knew about how dark the invasion was and all that was in it, but the fact that Shenlong was born from it caused him to flare up in anger".“That is a lie!!! It can't be because...Shenlong is my friend!!!!!” Thunder began beating on the blackened skies as the world began to rumble.

Then at that moment Rayoka closed his eyes. “Let me tell you a story boy”. Rayoka turns to stare at the sky. “Please allow me tell you the story of how the invasion was and Shenlong was created” Rayoka then folded hisarms. “And let me tell you how I was apart of it. The sky began to darken.

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