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Hailed as one of the greatest anime of all time, this series reinterprets legendary tale into instant classic! With its futuristic but rustic atmosphere, well-developed characters, incredible CG animation and high production value, Samurai 7 breathes new life into Akira Kurosawa's timeless epic.

A war-ravaged country struggles to recover from the brink of collapse, with scores of villages suppressed by the Nobuseri. No normal bandits, the Nobuseri were once Samurai, fearsome warriors who corrupted living tissue with technology to become dangerous weapons. Now more machine than man, wielding the kind of absolute power that warps the soul, their reign of terror rules the countryside.

But one group of villagers seek their own salvation, sending forth Kirara, a young priestess, on a quest to hire Samurai for protection. One by one, she encounters brave remnants that the war has left behind. These men of skill and honor, each unique and not without their quirks, are all that stand between the helpless and the hated.

When I heard about this show being on Toonami I was a bit skeptical seeing as how well known it was, but...... it is still good and has not been on TV in years so the fact that people havn't wacthed it came as no surprise after all I only found out about it at Anime Club

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First Impressions

When I found out Toonami was oing to be showing a newly dubbed show like Deadman Wonderland I was overjoyed to finally watch a show I have never seen and I must say it was enjoyable and entertaining with a lot of fun and action. This was truly Toonami's Great Wonderland!!!!


A quick synopsis is...... you know what fuck it this show was sooo good you have to already seen the show and enjoyed it to truly understand how great the story is....

Okay okay fine this is a review so basically

A kid named Ganta Igurashi is framed for killing his entire classroom and is sent to a prison called Deadman Wonderland

and for more info watch this

Anyway the story is 10/10



A kick ass rock openning making it the bomb dot come


How does such a violent show have such a happy ending


Ganta Igurashi

He is the main protagonist of the series. His nickname is the Woodpecker. In the beginning of the series, Ganta is a harmless and ordinary school boy. Once in DW, he is initially confused and frightened by the brutality of the prison. During his time in prison, he learns to live with the insanity, but is still determined to stop Tamaki's tyranny. He is also quite vengeful, seeking retribution for the death of his classmates.

Despite his scared personality at first Ganta grew into being the most realistic character in shonen history since the creation of Hitman Reborn's Tsuna

9.5/10 for Ganta

Senji Kiyomasa

He is the first Deadman Ganta encounters at Deadman Wonderland. He has trained Ganta and helped him on multiple occasions. He highly enjoys violence seemingly and his favorite phrase is "Dead center." or whatever the hell that means. . Despite his wild and battle-hungry attitude, he does have a sense of honor and respects strength and determination. He also appears to be against the idea of needless killing, having opted to leave Ganta alone on their first encounter when he made no effort to defend himself against Senji.In an ironic twist, Senji becomes flustered and embarrassed when a woman acts immodest. When he first notices Shiro's form fitting body tights, his face becomes red and he gives her his coat telling her to quickly cover up.

This guy is defiantly a character you can have a lot of fun with and even tear apart

10/10 for Senji "Dead Center"

Tsunenaga Tamaki

The antagonist pf the anime's Deadman Wonderland. He is the promoter and tyranical ruler of Deadman Wonderland. Under his calm, almost idiotic attitude, he is something of a sadist, caring nothing about the fact that he butchers dozens of prisoners every day for the sole purpose of gathering money or experimenting on them, or simply, and mainly, for his own twisted amusement. In sharp contrast with his cruelty, he enjoys playing with children's toys. He eagerly hoped for the death of the director to become truly the supreme ruler of the prison, and he devotes much of his time and resources in studying and experimenting on the powers of Deadmen amd tere orgins.

He is murderous crazy and more than that a son of a bitch type guy.

9.8/10 for Tamaki

Minatsuki Takami

She is Yo's younger sister and a Deadman. Her nickname is the Hummingbird. she appears as an extremely shy and gentle girl who stands at odds with the place she is held in. This was also seemingly confirmed by her love for flowers. In truth, this reserved and quiet personality is just a ruse that she projects to make those around her feel secure, and to mask her true nature; that of a sadistic psychopath so twisted that she becomes sexually aroused by witnessing others suffering.

She goes from being a nice kind girl to being insane I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

(Oh and in the manga her mom was blind)

9.5/10 for Takami

Yo Takami

He is Takami's older brother. Though apparently polite and friendly, he is actually ruthless, scheming and somewhat paranoid due to his position as a spy. He lies just as much as his sister,and also cares for her well being

He is nice and kind, but tricky and devlish. Yea he is definaltly the only normal person in this Wonderland

8.5 for Yo

Nagi Kengamine

He was the leader of the rebel group in Deadman Wonderland. Nagi is a calm, concise leader. He only wants to do good and estinguish all the evil by taking down Deadman Wonderland. His reason behind this is to see his child, who is waiting outside of DW. But in reality, his unborn child has been killed while one of Tamaki's experiments was performed on Nagi's wife.

He also is... well you will see after you watch

Hint: He is still a prisoner

10/10 for Nagi cause I liked him

Azuma Genkaku

He is the leader of the Undertakers and is nicknamed Uber Monk. He is also the final villain. Genkaku appears to be a laid-back and irreverent individual at first glance, but this scruffy exterior hides a brutal, impulsive, excessively-violent personality and an unstable mind. Genkaku is blunt, sarcastic, and quite sadistic, revealing a psychotic grin when he is fighting or killing somebody. He believes that death is the only salvation for "anybody", even smiling before his presumed death at the hands of Ganta and Nagi.

He is really PSYCO probaly the most Psyco next to Senji

10/10 for Azuma


She is Ganta's childhood friend and is has two personalities

You want more info then watch this or read the manga. Seriosuly shiro is awesome!!!!!

1000000000/10 for Shiro

Later Impressions


You know what fuck the anime!!! It was a mess the dam thing isn't even finished and the true antagnoist was hardly in it. This thing needs a season 2

Everyone who has a twitter tweet Deadman Wonderland S2

Because this series is in need of it

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First Impressions

Okay I normally like to wait till the mangastream translation comes out to do a review however when I did that this week as you can see this came out reaaaaaallly late, but hear it is the new Bleach chapter. My first impression based on the bad translation was it was a well meh average chapter witht he only awesome stuff being the new Sternritter O fighting Hisagi and Yamamoto is gonna battle the one with sternritter's bankai and Oh right.......


Later Impressions (A lot later)

The Good

  • The man who killed Chiojiro is... Sternritter O
  • LOL "I can beat people and get stronger tp just ebat more people up" -Tekking
  • Yamamoto meets Sternritter O
  • Kenpachi is still a beast , buut... *goes to page 11 and laughs ass offf*
  • Go Buckbeard taking Kenpachi with one arm

The Bad

  • Nothing... well maybe cuz it ended to fast for my taste, but..... meh
  • OH right Ichigo: Seems Byakuya maybe alive.... Dam you Kubo can you let someone important die without thinking of bringing them back

Rating: 9/10

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Nothing this week as far as manga

Here at this festival Japanese celebrate there ancestral families. It has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors' graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

That one fat girl in a kimono
That one fat girl in a kimono
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First impressions

Kenpachi's a boss he already defeated all those Quincy. True power right there. Byakuya has fallen now to Bodt. *Laughs* To think before this Byakuya and Kenapchi were on equal footing and look at them now how the weak have fallen.

Later Impressions

The good

  • Seeing Kenpachi be dope as always
  • Just seeing Rukia (I love her!)
  • Byakuya's first lost EVA (Besides Ichigo)

The bad

  • Rukia bites the dust
  • Not seeing Rukia's opponent

Rating: 10/10

Everything was done epic. From Byakuya's death to seeing Kenpachi


Next chapter Kenpchai vs Sternritter first in command

Kenapachi will try to take them both on but Buckbeard not going to want to fight him and just have blondie fight. Meanwhile we get a glispse at Rukia's opponent.

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