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On August 1 One Manga shut down saying this
" The day has finally come! It has been a great run and we thank you all for your kind words and support. We couldn't answer all the email we got (because we got a ton!), but know that all of your messages were read and heartfelt. Some were especially touching, and we can be proud of the fact that OM made a difference in some people's lives. Better than 'peanut butter and jelly' indeed!!" 

Many heartfelt questions are answered

 Why remove the unlicensed manga too?
- We debated this for a while. It is not clear at this point whether or not publishers have a problem with unlicensed manga scanlations. We have decided to remove the content until we have a better sense of what their stance on this is.

Are you going to leave the manga list and series information up?
- Yes. Now that we don't have to worry about the online reading part, we may even beef up our list which has always been somewhat lacking.

Any future plans for OM?
- We had some features planned for OM even before we decided to shutdown the online reader. Some of them were being rolled out on the beta site. We will finish rolling out these features as some of them are pretty close to done. We are also open to any ideas you might have, so do write to us with your suggestions!

What will happen to the beta?
- We'll try and maintain it for those that want to keep using it. It will require some changes though, so in the interim it may be buggy.

How can you help OM?
- Contact the publishers and tell them you love us! :). Send us feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see on the site. Join our Facebook group (400k+ and counting!). Other than that, your words of support is all that we need. We have made peace with the fact that the site is ending, and are just glad we had a chance to provide a service that brought smiles to many people's faces.

What will we do now

Ah I read most of my manga from One Manga. I mean it was so much easier to use than some manga scan sites. I will miss One Manga. Really I think I am going to cry.

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So we pick up after the hilarious chase were Gin and Aizen meet again.  Now I am sure plenty predicted it, but I didn't think Gin was going to go this far!!!!!!!!! 

The Good parts and Bad parts

Aizen vs Gin: The battle we all have waited for

 Aizen is shocked
 Aizen is shocked
Whoa at the beginning I stated thinking Gin was just going to do some little sword fights, but I never imagined his bankai would be filled with poison. This is by far one of the best chapters I have seen since the unveil of Tensa Zangetsu, but at the same time I wonder what Tite has ready for next chapter. I really don't care what happens I have always believed that the fans wants was in contradiction with the writer.  I mean Tensa Zangetsu seems like a character that Tite made up all on his own.  Gin vs Aizen got the attention of many fans because many predicted it. As for me I never thought Gin would go this far with defeating Aizen. I mean he stabbed him in his chest and injected poison the destroys cells. He must really want to kill Aizen.  I don't care how long it took 
 Gin stops Complete Hypnosis
 Gin stops Complete Hypnosis

MM no flashbacks of Gin and Aizen's past today. I am a little disapointed.


I give it 4/5. It was one of Tite's best work since all the epic battles.  Maybe will get another one. I really don't think Gin is becoming a good guy, but many questions are raised in my head. "Is Aizen dead?" "Is Gin the true villain?"  " Is Aizen alive"  "Will this be a epic battle"  These and more are in my head. I hope there is a epic battle between the 2.  Hey we wanted to learn more about Gin ans we got it.
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Link to Battle:

The story begins

"They are the best in anime" and some of them are the most powerful warriors!"
"They are fierce, talented, and some are adventurous" 
"But who is the strongest of these heroes" 


 Location: Leaf Village

Sakura: Hey Shikamaru 
Shikamaru: What's up 
Sakura: Were did Naruto go I haven't seen him around all day. that's not like him
Shikamaru: Don't worry about him the guy went to go challenge 3 other weird guys to a fight.  What a idiot
Sakura: A fight with what weird guys
Shikamaru: Don't know
Sakura: "biting lips" What the hell is that idiot doing picking fights with random people. Next time I see him he is dead!!!
Shikamaru: Geez what a drag


Location: Karukura Town
-Ichigo's room-
Rukia: Where's Ichigo!! 
Renji: Huh how in the hell am I supposed to know the guy just left without saying hardly a word. He was reading some letter. 
Rukia: A letter???
Renji: Yea I wonder what that is about 
Uryuu: "Walks in" I know were Ichigo is
Renji: You do!!
Uryuu: Yea kinda  he left after a letter from a kid named Naruto Uzumaki 
Renji: Naruto huh
Rukia: I wonder what about Mr. Isshin and Ichigo's sisters
Uryuu: Taken care of. I simply tolled them that Ichigo just left to hangout at a entertaiment center
Renji: And they bought that
Uryuu: Not really I so I just used Rukia's mind replacement on them. 
Renji: Oh I see
Uryuu: That's not the issue right now though. Ichigo should be back by tomorrow  
Renji: Yea guess so
Rukia: I hope he is okay
Renji: Stop worrying he is fine
Rukia: I hope so..
Uryuu: Well guess we should all leave now maybe do some training.   
Renji: Yea this Naruto guy  might be tough.

One Piece

Ussop: Where's Luffy??
 Nami: Calm down Ussop, Luffy got a letter last night to a challenge. 
Ussop: Really??
Brook: Where's our captain!! 
Nami :"Nods"
 Ussop: It is okay Brook Luffy just left to fight some guy, but meanwhile I will take over the ship as Captain Ussop 
Brook: But Nami why would Luffy leave
Nami: You know how he is. He loves a good challenge
Zoro: Where in the hell is that captain of ours  ?
Brook: Luffy left Zoro because a young man by a unknown name challenged him to a fight
Zoro:  Fight and he didn't tell his own crew what a fool
Nami: Exactly the idiot just left
Robin: Hey have any of you actually seen the letter written to Luffy by that Naruto Uzumaki guy.  
Nami: Naruto!!
Ussop: Naruto!!
Brook: Naruto Uzumaki!!
Zoro: Naruto, who is that?
Robin: Don't know
Sanji: Luffy is gone I guess... no surprise....Anyone want dinner
Whole Crew: YES!!! 

Dragonball Z

Location: Capsule Corp
Vegeta: Hey Bulma!!
Bulma: Huh what is it already Vegeta
Vegeta: I called saw Kakkarot's kids looking for him you got a idea were he might be?
Bulma: No I don't
Vegeta: Well I am going to look for him
Location: West City
Vegeta: "Flying"
Vegeta: Hmm is that baldy???????????????
Krillen: Oh hey Vegeta 
Vegeta: Hey baldy do you know were Kakkarot is
Krillen: You must have not heard Vegeta
Vegeta: Heard what!!
Vegeta: Goku had gotten a letter from a guy name Naruto something
Vegeta: And what did it say
Krillen: The guy challenged him  
Vegeta:"Shock" He had the nerve to challenge him 
Krillen:Yea it's unbelievable that anyone would challenge Goku to a fight. 
Vegeta: No it isn't they always want the guys who think they are big shots, but why not me after all I have beaten my fair share deserve a good battle. 
Krillen: Yea sure Vegeta!!

The meeting of the 4 leaders

Location: Tokyo Japan at Kyoto gardens
Ichigo: Wow so many nice temples
Goku: Yea
Luffy: This is so awesome, but I really can't wait to meet our opponent
Ichigo: Opponent??
Goku: Of course
Luffy: Yea that is why Goku and I came
Ichigo: So you know each other
Goku: Yep
Luffy: We met a while back
Ichigo: "Disappointing"  I see
Luffy: Look a pond "Runs over"
Goku: Wait Luffy!
Luffy: "Jumps in"
Goku: LUFFY!!!!
Ichigo: What happened??
Goku: Luffy can't swim!
Ichigo: What??
Goku: "Jumps in"
Ichigo: What the hell!!
Ichigo: Wait mom talked about this place before I should have remembered the name Kyoto, so that means this the Shusui-tei pond garden.
Goku: "Gets out with Luffy"
Luffy: Thanks nii sama
Goku: Your welcome
Luffy: "Grins"
Ichigo: Luffy right
Luffy: Yes
Ichigo: Notice the bridges  spanning the pond
Luffy: Huh???
Goku: I saw some bridges around here. 
Luffy looked from side to side
Luffy: I see them
Ichigo: Good now jump on one of them and see if you can see a huge building
LuffY: Right
Luffy activates the gom gom fruit, and jumps on the bridge 
Luffy: Whoa!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo: Amazing huh
Luffy: You bet
Ichigo: How much you bet that our opponent is in that building
Luffy: He is!!!!!
Ichigo: I hope so
Goku and Ichigo climb onto the bridges to see the huge building
Goku: What is it
Ichigo: It's the imperial palace called Sento Gosho
Goku: Well what are we waiting for
Luffy: Yea!!
Ichigo: Wait what are you guys about to do
 Luffy: Gom gom
Ichigo: "Scared"
Goku: "Powers up"
Luffy: Rocket!!!!!!
Goku: Ha!!
Ichigo is pushed back by Luffy and Goku's incredible force, and they all hit there heads on the palace door
Ichigo: What the hell you could have killed me dammit!!!!!
Goku and Luffy: Sorry
Mysterious person: So you came 
Luffy: Who are you??
Goku: Are you are opponent 
Mysterious person: No
The mysterious person wore a hood over his head and a leaf headband
Goku: Your name is..
The mysterious person dramatically takes off the cape
Mysterious person: So you wanna know my name well here it is. I am........ Naruto Uzumaki
Luffy: Wait I don't get aren't you my opponent 
Goku: Yea
Naruto: I am your opponent, but I am not your only one. I declare that all 4 of us have a battle to the deaths
Luffy: Wow that is so cool
Ichigo: No it isn't your expecting us to kill each other
Naruto: No you don't understand we are going to have a tournament, and the rules are that each person will come with a team of 8 people of your choice., and you must have all your mates together
Luffy: Cool
Goku: Pretty exciting news
Ichigo: So when is the battle going to be
 Naruto puts 2 fingers in the 3 leaders faces
Naruto: In 2 weeks we will fight
Goku: Great I am so pumped up
Ichigo: Were will it be
Naruto: "Smirk" the battle will be in Hell
 Ichigo: "Shock"
Luffy:So how do we get there?
Naruto: Lets see Luffy you beside a soul reaper and a sayian, so they will help you out
Luffy: How do you know my name
Naruto: "Embarrassed" Umm nothing no reason
 Naruto(Thinks): Holy shit I'm caught
 Luffy: uhh
Naruto: Um see ya I go too go now
Ichigo: Werid
Luffy: "Laughs"
Goku: "Laughs"
Ichigo: What are you 2 laughing about
Goku: Come on this is great strawberry kid a real match between all of us this is going to be fun
Luffy: Goku is right so cheer up we better head back, so we can train
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The 10th Anniversary Naruto Shippuden film will be released July 31 2010 on the same date Bleach: Hell Chapter's trailer will be released.  It is the fourth Naruto Film to be made.  The movie will feature the song "IF" 
And they too like One Piece's Strong World are doing a episode promotion.
"Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy  part 1 and part 2. Which will be 2 days before the 4th movie premiere!!

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You know the last 2 Bleach ending 23 and 24 are really good. Most anime endings are short ans sometimes sad. The latest Bleach ending felt like a opening though.  It is positively great and the subs haven't even came out.  I can't wait to find out what everyone else thinks. The ending is a mix for the Bleach fans whoa re into the y great. I was worried about the subs, because even "Change" which was a great opening  later got annoying with subs.  Then I had a first glimpse at them
   This one truly was a great ending. WAIT a ending that was great in contradiction to some endings that are bad. Especially when they are dubbed.
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