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First Impressions

Soul Palace..Grimmjow.. and a whole lot of reborn characters

Fanservice up that ass

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Mystery man is revealed to be Grimmjow
  • Ganju is a bad ass now
  • Kukkakku is here
  • Fullbringers are back
  • May the epic battle commence
  • Fanservice of Rukia's ass
  • Orihime and Rukia more provocativeness
  • The Soul King is revealed

The Bad

  • no full view of Grimmjow;s face
  • The fullbringers maybe back but do they even have there powers and can they even do anything (Tsukishima and Ginjou are pretty tough though)
  • Kinda never cared for explanation of healing shingami wounds through hot tub
  • The whole King's Key idea
  • So is Aizen really relvant now to this point LOLOL


518- 9/10

519- 7/10

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