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So we pick up after the hilarious chase were Gin and Aizen meet again.  Now I am sure plenty predicted it, but I didn't think Gin was going to go this far!!!!!!!!! 

The Good parts and Bad parts

Aizen vs Gin: The battle we all have waited for

 Aizen is shocked
 Aizen is shocked
Whoa at the beginning I stated thinking Gin was just going to do some little sword fights, but I never imagined his bankai would be filled with poison. This is by far one of the best chapters I have seen since the unveil of Tensa Zangetsu, but at the same time I wonder what Tite has ready for next chapter. I really don't care what happens I have always believed that the fans wants was in contradiction with the writer.  I mean Tensa Zangetsu seems like a character that Tite made up all on his own.  Gin vs Aizen got the attention of many fans because many predicted it. As for me I never thought Gin would go this far with defeating Aizen. I mean he stabbed him in his chest and injected poison the destroys cells. He must really want to kill Aizen.  I don't care how long it took 
 Gin stops Complete Hypnosis
 Gin stops Complete Hypnosis

MM no flashbacks of Gin and Aizen's past today. I am a little disapointed.


I give it 4/5. It was one of Tite's best work since all the epic battles.  Maybe will get another one. I really don't think Gin is becoming a good guy, but many questions are raised in my head. "Is Aizen dead?" "Is Gin the true villain?"  " Is Aizen alive"  "Will this be a epic battle"  These and more are in my head. I hope there is a epic battle between the 2.  Hey we wanted to learn more about Gin ans we got it.
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