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First Impressions

Ahh so here I am again reviewing two great chapters

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Seing Unigiya's agian
  • Masaki is a Quincy and her youth looks are revealed too
  • Isshin being a Shiba
  • Aizen enters the flashback arc
  • Isshin's youth revealed
  • The past of Isshin and Masaki comes full circle
  • Matsumoto's breast

The Bad

  • Ungiya not doing much although it made sense he went to her
  • A Entire chapter not dedicated to flashback
  • No Uryuu!!!!!

Ratings 528- 7/10 529- 9/10

So if you couldn't tell on 528 I didn't do the review immediately, but if you also notice not much happened in that chapter and I was usre we'd go back to the past


Wellt his one is a bit harder to see comong, but I am sure Aizen will meet Isshin at some point and Aizen will reveal he is part of the reason for those deaths of shinigami and that maybe the Fullbringers will tie into it since it happened where the fullbringers were at a time. I ams also sure the whole Grand Fisher ordeal will be foreshadowed

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