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First Impressions

You know it is like last chapter was bad and then this chapter just rules. *Face palms* You know what lets just move on

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Kenpachi learns his sword's name
  • The fall of Unohana.. hopefully
  • Moving on from Unohana vs Kenpachi
  • The color page!!!

The Bad

  • Ichigo gets shot back to another place
  • My name is.......what..... I wanna know!!!
  • No Unohana bankai revelation
  • Kubo trolls us in more ways than one

Ratings 8/10

You know what it is funny cause Kenapcjhi vs Unohana ended at the right time since so many of us were finding it to be more drawn out and lengthen. The chapter also makes you more upset at the last one for not welly giving Unohana a bankai explanation.

I really like how this arc has been moving until this point. Either way it wasn't an awesome chapter it just seemed like a more teaser chapter which is nice to have


I have heard a lot of speculation from people. Many believe Ichigo will return to the world of the living, Which doesn't seem too bad as it gives a shot at reconnecting with Uryuu. Which I think is the idea of this next part should be. Ichigo will likely expand his quincy abilities more than he did before. I would enjoy it if this comes to fruition.

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