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First Impressions

You know what that is it I had enough you have pushed this for too long Kubo if Byakuya is alive then I am going to drop Bleach

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Moment between Rukia and Ichigo: a nice little reconnection
  • Yamamoto is dead for good (Beter be at least someone dead)
  • Pirate Kyoraku

The Bad

  • Dialogue heavy
  • Destroys hope have the guy holding the sword up to Kisuke
  • No talk of Ichigo's heritage
  • Byakuya.......Byakuya maybe alive......*Stops review*

*Walks to see Kubo home*

"You are the worst storyteller in all of storytelling history!!!"

*Leaves Kubo home pissed*



Enough said I got better things to do

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