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First impressions

Kenpachi's a boss he already defeated all those Quincy. True power right there. Byakuya has fallen now to Bodt. *Laughs* To think before this Byakuya and Kenapchi were on equal footing and look at them now how the weak have fallen.

Later Impressions

The good

  • Seeing Kenpachi be dope as always
  • Just seeing Rukia (I love her!)
  • Byakuya's first lost EVA (Besides Ichigo)

The bad

  • Rukia bites the dust
  • Not seeing Rukia's opponent

Rating: 10/10

Everything was done epic. From Byakuya's death to seeing Kenpachi


Next chapter Kenpchai vs Sternritter first in command

Kenapachi will try to take them both on but Buckbeard not going to want to fight him and just have blondie fight. Meanwhile we get a glispse at Rukia's opponent.

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