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Schwindelmagier is definitely ordering Kara no Kyoukai OVA soon as he has money again!
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Well, lately it's come to my attention (especially after reading the most recent two chapters of Pandora Hearts) that there are some pretty damn good looking guys in the manga series I've been reading lately. Most notable are of course, Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Grell (Kuroshitsuji) even though he's kinda creepy, Break Xerxes (funny and pretty at the same time), Vincent Nightray (a sexy sadist is what he's been called by some of my friends, yeah...), and Vincents brother Gilbert AKA Raven just to name a few. The most recent character that I can note as strikingly attractive is Glenn Baskerville from Pandora Hearts (he's like, an evil version of Sebastian in my opinion). Anyway, this leads me to a question; does my thinking these males are attractive mean that I might be gay? I mean, I'm sure it sounds silly but I'm just not quite sure. o_o;;

Edit: Just a small minor detail I'll add in here as well. I really fancy Loveless which is, needless to say, a Shonen-Ai series. Now shonen-ai doesn't bother me at all. Yaoi I can't stand but shonen-ai isn't all that bad.
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