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Schwindelmagier is definitely ordering Kara no Kyoukai OVA soon as he has money again!
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Here's a trailer of the anime Sora no Otoshimono based off of the manga series by Suu Minazuki

Small summary from

Sakurai Tomoki is a normal student whose motto is "normal is the best". If there is one thing abnormal, it is that he often dreams of a girl whose face he cannot even remember, and when he wakes up from that dream, he would always be crying. He tried leaving it as just a dream... but one day, from the sky, an angel descended.

Aaand the trailer!


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Just a little something I came across...o_o;;;


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Okay, so apparently the "Endless Eight" arc in the new season of Haruhi is set to continue until August sometime which really irks me. I mean, I thought that it was over and done with in todays episode. I guess it's staying true to it's title. Eight weeks of nonstop summer fun with the SOS Brigade over...and over again. Sure, it was quite enjoyable the first two or three times but c'mon, this is annoying. I get the idea, I really do. It's all part of the story right? Though seriously, does KyoAni really have to have EIGHT episodes for this one arc? What do you think, readers? Have you enjoyed this arc so far or has it become quite a bore after awhile, like it has for me?

What Kyon thinks of the "Endless Eight" arc shown Eight times over:

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And what a day it was. <3

First, I'll explain to you all who aren't familiar with this holiday why exactly, it means so much to us Canadians.
Back in 1867, on July 1st Canada was officially recognized as a country due to the signing of the British North American Act. This day was actually called Dominion Day for awhile but later then was changed to Canada Day (more suitable in my opinion, really). So that's pretty much it, I mean I could go into the whole spiel here but I won't because I'd like to get to the fun (less boring) stuff which is really what this blog post is about. I wanted to share with you all how I spent my Canada Day.

So, I barely got any sleep the night before as I was playing a very addictive Blazblue. Suffice to say I got through the day just fine and because it was a holiday I didn't have to work (stores were still open though, I just chose to take the day off). Anywho! Me and a few of my friends went and hung out at the mall for a good portion of the day and got some things ready for like a mini-party of sorts before we went to see the fireworks which took place at a wonderful area in Winnipeg called "The Forks". We went to have dinner at moxies and my friends (not me because I was the designated driver) shared a bottle of red wine (they actually wanted to get both red and white because well, that's pretty much the two colors that make up the Canadian flag) but I suggested we should wait until after we go see fireworks to get trashed (surprisingly that never happened as we all split ways after the show was over). On the way over to the Forks we stopped so I could pick up my date (this would be our third date now <3) and it took almost FOREVER to find a parking spot as there was the usual baseball game going on which happens every July 1st with Winnipegs own team against another team. Once we managed to find a parking spot, we walked around for awhile until it was time for the fireworks show. Around...10-ish or so? The fireworks had started and my date wanted us to kinda...y'know be just the two of us alone so I agreed to that (it WAS a date after all.) and so she started getting cold (it wasn't too bad out but there was a bit of a wind) so I lent her the blanket I had brought just in case and made sure she was all warm and snug and so we cuddled and watched fireworks for the duration of the evening and when they were all finished I got a lovely kiss *Insert insane blushing here* and found myself in my first ever relationship. So all in all it was a wonderful evening (especially near the end of the night) and put me in one of the greatest moods I've ever been in in quite some time. Lovely indeed~ <3

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