Satoris (Level 13)

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name: Satoris-haseo yashimora and segagiess 
eyes: red 
hair: red 
gender: male 
being/race: 2 merged  cenitent gods  
affectation: kazi leader, AFOP,2W and the black order founders  


on Saturday august 7th at 1:50 AM, haseo yashimora and his master, segagiess created a new power, a power that is forbidden, this power is simply known as merging! merging, is forbidden because, once you merge, you can never go back, but there is an upside, each being that merged can sapless the other at any giving time(like haseo wants to kiss his wife goodnight or something, segagiess cant see or hear anything). they simple merged so they could defeat the 2W's and the AFOP's main enemy, the spectator aka Evil! now after intense training, the leader of the 2W is letting us join, and they now gained more power! 

newest image of the 2W
newest image of the 2W



bolth haseo and segagiesses powers are now one, they can still use bolth there powers, but increase the power/strength of them by 400%!! there are also 2 new powers they posses

the wrath of the gods-

this power allows the person(god) to control space-time and reality itself. 


- this power can manipulate probability at will, if Satoris's haseo/segagiesses powers arnt hurting the enemy or are missing. 

them song

there are 2 themes 1st character them(out of battle), 2ed character them(in battle)




Satoris pet

 name: Clair
 name: Clair

Clair is a rare species of dragon that's is known for there speed and agility. there home planet is called, Netal, but 60 years ago an alien race we call, Tirats colonized the planet and started wiping the dangerous dragons out, but haseo saw the beauty in these creatures so he sot to save them, there were over 40,000 dragons before the Tirats came, now all haseo could do is save the 200 that were left, he relocated them to a non-populated planet similar to there own and 2 weeks after the relocation, he ran into one of the female dragons, that grew fond of him, so in a way haseo became a dragon tamer.

left: this is the male dragon, 2 times bigger and very aggressive

  Satoris new flagship

 the Ayana
 the Ayana

since Satoris has been given high power in the AFOP navy he has been given a ship designed for Admirals to command! these ships are rare  in general, because of all the high tech they put in this ship that's only a cruiser class and makes it as powerful as a dreadnought class, there are only 4 known to been made. this ship alown has the power to take on a fleet of dreadnoughts!
more images of ship


Zenitaia is haseo and segagiesses home planet(well were they grew up, they turned into sentient gods starting on this planet) and is the home world of the AFOP and the Maggnoriyion race! this planet lies in a galaxy called Zeveron in a different universe(same universe in my cartoon). the planet is larger then earth so it has different traits.
 Planet Statistics
 Moon(s) : 3
 Satellite(s) : planetary defiance , 2297 defiance platforms, 4 planetary marketing stations, 6 star ship all sizes docking stations
 Diameter: 15,273 km 
 Length of day: 27 hours
 Length of year: 390 days (local)  
 Gravity: 1.08 G 
Atmosphere: .9 atm (N, O)  

 Population 703,341,500,667,990(apx.)
 Species: Maggnoriyiyons, Zatorians, Sattiai, Kai'ju
 Government: Alliance Federation of Planets(AFOP) 

this is what the Allience Federation of Planets is! (Blog post)

  Technology level: tech 41( star wars tech level around episode 3 was level 20)
 Societal Approximation: Mixed/Democratic/Religious  



 the XG-05s are a very powerful semi-automatic hand guns that specialize in shrapnel



 the Shinktel is a sword-like bladed weapon that's made for slashing at the enemy

 Satoris main weapons
 Satoris main weapons
satoris uses all of the handguns you see above. he mostly uses the ones that are red because they pack the most punch!

 satoris main sword weapon
 satoris main sword weapon

 satoris has a nack of using swords in battle a lot this is the sword he uses

Satoris is the leader of a group on earth called Kazi, an independent military organization that is trying to stop and destroy if not cripple a evil group known as Gekido! kazi itself isent that strong in man power since they have the lack of resorses for them! right now kazi has 2 main bases(links below)


the real kazi HQ (Blog post)

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