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Top10 Death Note characters
1. Rem

Rem deserves a place on any list after her devotion to protect Misa Amane.

2. Gelus

He is the Kaien Shiba of Death Note technically.

3. Light Yagami

He is an evil protagonist. Come on, it's not everyday you got that!

4. Watari

He is very mysterious and he looks out for gifted people. That is pretty awesome.

5. Mello

He is one of the two that are similar to my favorite.

6. Near

He is the other of the two that are similar to my favorite character.

7. Raye Penber

He was only obeying Kira to protect everyone.

8. Ryuk

He had to appear somewhere on my list. I find him awesome. He tricked Sidoh into getting two Death Notes.

9. Touta Matsuda

He is very funny. I don't care what people say he is the second best Death Note Character.

10. L Lawliet

From my previous comments on this list you probobaly knew he was my favorite. In the first live action he stired his tea with a lollipop. He also went around Light's university wearing a funny mask. His sitting position is awesome too.

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