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Top 10 anime villians
1. Light Yagami

He is the villian of Death Note if you think about it. He kills people without a second thought. He forced Raye Penbir to give him other agents names. He Pmistreats Misa even though she stayed infactuated with him.

2. Sojiro Kusaka

He has a second Hyourimaru. He was best friends with Toshiro Hitsugaya. He turned out to have a soft side in the end though.

3. Kokuto

He wanted to avenge his sister. His prefered stratagy was to make Ichigo stronger. That was cool.

4. Mewtwo (Pokémon Adventures)

He was badass in the first Pokemon movie. He used all sorts of machines an Pokemon Clones

5. Ulquiorra Schiffer

He was just cold but in the end he realised what a human heart was.

6. Team Rocket

They are funny in how they always mess up. However in the Black and White series they were just ruined.

7. N

I found him awesome. He could understand the hearts of Pokemon but had yet to understand people. He was betrayed by Ghetsis. Ghetsis is number 11 by the way.

8. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

He was quite awesome.

9. Sousuke Aizen

He was pure evil. He attemped to kill Momo Hinimori even though she idolised him. he betrayed the Soul Society. He killed my favorite villian.

10. Gin Ichimaru

Ok. He's not a villian really but he is still my favorite anime villian. His true goal was to kill Aizen because he knew about Aizen's evilness. His other motive was to do with Rangiku which was sweet.

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