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Manga to read on a long journey

Manga I would recomend reading on a long journey

1. MPD Psycho

This manga is amazing. It's a Crime/Horror manga. If you are on a very long journey I would recomend this. After reading the first few pages of any volume will get you hooked. There was a mini series for this so they bought out music for (preventing spoilers) 'The Singer'. Fans of MPD Psycho should check the songs out on YouTube.

2. Bleach

This is one of my personal favorites. Nearly everybody who reads manga has heard of Bleach. As such it's really popular becaus o how good it is.

3. Blue Exorcist

If you read the blurb you will definitly want to read it. If you are the kind of person who flicks through books before getting them then the first few pages of this book willmake you want to read it.

4. Soul Eater

It's a good book. It has really bad puns in it but it has a good storyline and some of the humor in it isn't bad.

5. Death Note

I know that everyone who likes anime and manga likes this but it is incredible. It has a good plot and intresting characters.

6. Kämpfer

I liked the Light Novels and the manga so I am currently watching the anime but the manga is good to. It has good (but 'slightly' perverted) humor in it. The plot is good to.

7. Naruto

This is very popular. It deserves it's popularity though. It's a good manga to read if you want to pass time.

8. Ouran High School Host Club

It is a romantic comedy. I know in most places Romantic Comedy means "Dissapointing Movie" but this manga is very funny. Come on it has a 17 year old manchild and Tamaki has got to be one of the funniest manga characters of the 21st Century

9. Kingdom Hearts

The game is brilliant. (I found Dream Drop Distance amazing) So why should the manga be any diferent. I've read the KH manga, the KH2 manga, The KH Chain of Memories manga and the KH 358/2 days manga and they didn't differ from the games.

10. One Piece

It's really good and intresting. A lot of people have heard of this. Don't let 4kids put you of this.

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