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Art Shift in Season 2 of Gunslinger Girl is... weird...
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That's a lot of Gunslinging Girls
That's a lot of Gunslinging Girls

So this came in the mail recently. After using the similar franchise tab on the site and posting some thoughts on the first episode a blog or two ago, I thought I would give the series a go. This was listed as the "complete collection" which is the first two seasons and an OVA. I haven't gotten into it yet, so all I can really talk about is the box art and case construction. It's definitely not as impressive as Black Lagoon's tin boxes considering it's just cardboard and plastic cases. It's got some nice artwork in the form of season 2 and the OVA... but season 1 definitely got the short end of the stick with the standard character poses.

The cardboard sleeve has that one pose for Henrietta they use everywhere as she fires a P90 while squatting so... they nailed it there, I guess.

I'll be watching it in the next few weeks and probably do some wiki work when I'm done. I see the Gunslinger Girl section of the wiki could use some screenshots so I'll be more than happy to provide. I haven't decided if I'll post thoughts as I go or wait till the end... but I guess that depends on what happens.

To prevent this from being completely pointless, what's some great box art any of you guys have seen or bought? I'm sure there are plenty of cool examples out there.

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