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As, Shidou-Sensei and his orgy-bus. We missed you.
Not much action in this episode, mostly some character development and set-up. I'm gonna apply the Gurren Lagann rule of HSQ here.
First, to clarify the term HSQ: Holy Shit Quotient: The amount of times you shout "Holy Shit!" during a series, divided by the number of episodes/chapters/volumes/whatever. Both Gurren Lagann and Highschool of the Dead have very high HSQ, and the general rule is that if you don't shout it in one episode, then that's because the show is taking a run-up for the next episode. As I'm sure you guessed from the post-credits scene, next week's episode shall be good. 
It was good to see some friction here, and the story of the Bounty Mutiny couldn't have been more appropriate. When life gets easy, you get lazy, and you relax. And on a battlefield, the only people allowed to relax are dead men. Ergo, if you relax, you are therefore dead in one way or another.
And the anime is drawing to a close, and that pleases me. Why? Because since they moved the Komuro/Saeko episode to a much sooner date, I realised just how close the anime is to catching up with the manga, and then we would have filler. And you know what happens when you get filler towards the end of a series? Filler endings, that's what.
However, with only two episodes left, we've got perfect placing to leave with a fantastic open ending that will prepare the way for next years Season 2. And that will be amazing, because they're stopping the anime where they are. Rejoice.
Back to the episode. Takagi's dad is badass. He knows what needs to be done, and dammit, it gets done. I knew that people needed a shock to remind them that there were zombies outside, and that your friends and family were zombies, so he brought his zombified best friend in and killed him in front of everyone, staving off a Bounty Mutiny. 
Still, it is amazing when you realise that the first episode was only four days ago story time:
Day 1: Attack on the school-Komuro and Rei leaving the bus.
Day 2: Biking through the city, meeting with the party on the bridge, taking Busujima's friend's house.
Day 3: Saving Alice, splitting up, Komuro and Saeko going to the shrine.
Day 4: Komuro and Saeko going to Takagi's hosue.
That's four days, maybe five if Komuro and Saeko slept once they reached Takagi's house, but probably not considering that the shrine was about ten minutes walk away. We've been watching this series for ten weeks, but about half a week has passed for Komuro and his friends. Puts his outburst into perspective when you realise that a week ago, everything was normal, doesn't it?
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