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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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RPG » Moon Reach - [KG RP]

SamJaz smirked, giving Richter a thumbs up while replying to Luna. "Hey. Alicia asleep?"


"The moon?" Jason commented with a sigh. "Alright, you two have a plan to get off the moon?" He asked, summoning a large, golden blade in his hand.


"If I felt she needed liberating, I would." Aerith told her Lord. "Right now, I think she's leading that party. She's freer than I've ever seen her."


"Childhood friends are to be cherished." Naoto commented, to which Jenny groaned.

"No, childhood friends suck." She explained. "Because you think you know them but they've grown up into different people and they lie to try and keep up to your false hopes and then everybody gets backstabbed. Let's finish what we started with the blue hand."


"Me? Oh, I'm fine." Alvin lied through dead eyes. "Fine. Absolutely fine."

Hagane, meanwhile, set Aleister to bed and started hooking him up to various medical equipment.


Archie considers his next actions carefully. He could survive this.

"The brotherhood requires me to say no." He told the murderer.

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RPG » Moon Reach - [KG RP]

SamJaz smirked. "Maybe another one tomorrow." He said, hopping out of the ring and checking his phone.

One missed call from Alicia.

He called her back.


Bone slipped into Bellclair's bed and cuddled her from behind. "G'night." She said.


Moore hugged Emily tight. "See you tomorrow." He told her, stealthily squeezing her butt as he pulled out of the hug.

Rin whispered into Volkner's ear to check his wardrobe before going to bed, before skipping over to Moore and dragging him away, waving goodnight to the Goodwin family.


"The moon?" Jason asked with a confused look on his face.


"If she comes." Aerith replied. "She seems quite attached to her current traveling troupe."


"Well, we either leave town and meet your friend, or stay and investigate the Blue Hand." Naoto said.

"Friend?" Jenny asked, curious.


Alvin grunted as limbs began to regrow. "Hag, mind if I report later?"

Hagane nodded, picking her husband and heading for the elevator. "Tell me later." She said distantly, leaving Alvin and Yukari alone downstairs.


Hoping this was a nightmare, Archie focused on his escape. "The only Altair I know is the assassin." He shouted back, taking cover behind a corner. "Wears a hood, hangs around tall buildings and stabs people with wristblades?"

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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


Hitomi looked up at the unleashed demon, plans formulating in her mind as he told her just what he was going to do to her.

The fist came down on her, and she started her trap. Opening a large doorway above her head, she'd catch the demon's arm and tighten the portal around its wrist. This all relied on one thing and one thing alone.

Could this monster still turn into smoke? Or did his incarnation make his physical state permanent?

The temporal handcuffs would hold the demon tight, so long as it didn't change size, shape or cut off its own hand. After deploying her trap, Hitomi would back the hell away to a safe distance, and keep backing away rapidly if the demon remained free.



The cops?

Aw hell, Hal wasn't going to prison. They'd eat him alive in there.

Hal put his hands above his head. "I do not." He said, backing away towards the shoreline. "But she might." He added, nodding at an imaginary person behind Joaquim.

Taking his best chance, Hal would turn around and run to the ocean, getting as much distance from land as possible.

SamJaz could deal with the Brazilian clients for the next couple of months. Hal wasn't prepared to put up with this kind of heat.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Hm, someone stylish, loves themselves dearly and is dripping in awesome from head to toe... it can only be Conrad

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RPG » Eric Graves, the ginger genious BIO

@EVA_01: Heh, no worries. Kuma's canon guide won't set you wrong.

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RPG » Eric Graves, the ginger genious BIO

@Chef_Banchou: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

So, just to bring up a few points. IQ has been universally known to be a flawed, racist and unreliable measure of intelligence. I know Taekwondo, Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai and Drunken Fist- doesn't mean I'm any good at most of them. On the contrary, it is a mistake to fear the man who has practiced a thousand techniques one hundred times. However, and I say this from experience, the guy who has mastered one single discipline as usually the much greater threat. Holding arm pads to catch roundhouse kicks for martial artists in a circuit, I can throw one hard enough to crack a rib. I have felt kicks that I feel would have removed my head from my shoulders, and they do not come from the guys who study multiple disciplines.

My point, however, is that you're making the wrong claims to play your character's strength. Show us your machines. As I understand him, Eric is far more of an Otto Octavius than a Bruce Wayne, the former being a genius of technology and the latter being a genius at controlling people.

Previous experience or no, you cannot pull off Bruce Wayne intelligence in an RP setting. I can't pull off Bruce Wayne intelligence. Kuma can't- heck, most professional writers working on hollywood blockbuster movies couldn't pull of Bruce Wayne intelligence in an RP setting. To be Bruce Wayne, you need to actively puppet the other players and do it as easy as breathing. You need to make people much smarter than you do what you want them to do and make them think they're doing it of their own volition because that is what they would naturally do in that setting you created. Comparisons to Bruce Wayne are not something I take lightly, and the only character allowed to come close is Peter Parker, and even he gets completely outclassed in everything except actual unprepared combat.

Filibuster aside, technology and magic need severe expansion. Are you going for an Artemis Fowl type character or something more Marvel? Good backstory is good, add that in.

@EVA_01: You have a good eye for this. You interested in playing?

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RPG » Vyc Terrarum (Bio)

@Vember: I had scanned through your first draft, not enough to give a detailed opinion or advice, but judging from the current version against some of the earlier comments, this gets a whole lot of yes.

I'll disagree with @Kuma_From_Argentina: on explaining the details of the tendrils right away, and second his suggestion of keeping it a mystery, though some of the details could do with more elaboration.

I personally have always had problems defining the specs of my characters, which have annoyed my fellow players no end. The spec's of my characters come in three flavours: Human Speed/Strength, Sufficient Speed/Strength, Obscene Speed/Strength. SamJaz, for example, I've always tried to play as Sufficiently fast/strong enough to meet with anyone he's fighting, unless their in the next weight category. He's not strong enough to overpower Slayer, a man raised an Ogre who swings swords the size of buildings, and he's not fast enough to keep up with Hal Hastewell, an overweight speed-blitzer.

While you shouldn't follow my bad example, I'd say a practice round is a good place to get your feet wet and decide how powerful you want Vyc to be. I'd suggest heading over to the Dreaming Kombat thread and having a battle against an experienced player, get a taste for what you want your slime to be capable of.

Good work, keep it up! =)

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RPG » Skye Bromwell - The Savant [Character Bio]

@LordNox: Loved Watch_Dogs. I'll be honest, when I saw the word 'Savant', I feared the worst level of mary-sue. This, on the other hand, is very nice. An on-hand support character capable of dealing damage against humans, and being very useful alongside power-users if played right.

We're gonna do an RP together at some point. I can feel it.

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RPG » Ji'tal - The Eldar'aan [Character Bio]

@waybig1010101 said:

@LordNox: Kitty? You back man?

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RPG » Malice

@TheAnarchyKing: Nice start, look forward to seeing this flesh out.

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RPG » Atticus Nero (Bio)


So, of I am understanding correct, he's a calm strategist who completely loses his crap when he gets mad, with Shizuo (DRRR) level specs?

Nice, simple and interesting. We could do with more Italian lads around these parts. Welcome to the vice!

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RPG » Moon Reach - [KG RP]

Getting to his feet, SamJaz held out two fists. "Good match." He told Richter, waiting for his response


Bone smirked, and continued cooking.


"Oh, nice." Rin said pleasantly.

Conversation continued into the night.


Ashley dropped Alicia back home later that evening, after taking her out to dinner and to a rock concert.


"Nice to meet you Jason." Elliott said. "We're here to bust you out."

"Out... where?" Jason asked.


As Naoto and Jenny reunited with Elise and Isaac, Aerith returned to Hollowind and Mable, informing them of the day's discoveries.


"I'm fine." Alvin lied, before looking at Hagane.

"Exalt's fallen." He told her. "Elias is helping the survivors evacuate, but Exalt is gone."

Hagane's blood ran cold, and she hugged the comatose Aleister tighter.


Archie rolled to the side, dodging the wave and fled, firing arrow after arrow as he made his escape.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

"Sword-girl left, by the way." Alvin told the group ahead of him as they followed Aoki, with the waster lagging behind. His initial motivation was waning, but he knew he had to stick it through to the end for Gen.

"Oi, if my mate's dead by the time we get there, I'm blaming you for being slow." Alvin called out to Aoki as they walked.


"Ah, a figure of speech." Naoto told the redhead as K-4 took them both towards the door to the lab. Standing at the door, Naoto could tell that this was a deathtrap.

Still, this was their best shot at solving these mysteries. "Lead the way, Sparky-kun." Naoto told the boy, hand on his sword. "Elise-dono, stay close."

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RPG » When Life Gives You Lemon Lords - RP

@Fehafare: @Vapovile: @ChronoWolf: @waybig1010101: @Justalittlegirl:

The after dinner mint. The palate cleanser. The end of the meal.

Chase had the right idea, and next to notice was Kelly, after hurling the sink and looking to see the source of the Lemonlord's panic.

The green sun was massive, and descending rapidly. The steeple of a nearby church began to melt, then evaporate and float into the glowing emerald energy. Sniffing it, Kelly was able to see just how much of a threat this would be.

There was no time to escape.

It was already here.

Abandoning her pursuit, Kelly roared, sending dozens of spectral arms into the sky to hold back the oncoming death. "RUN!" She shouted at Sid, eyes turning black, teeth and nails lengthening as her jugular pulsated in her neck. "GET EVERYONE OUT OF HERE NOW!"


As the green sun approached, the pumpkin hordes began to collapse. They were far more susceptible to the effects of the mint leaf, and they were being cleansed. The archers, the brawlers, the armoured gunmen began to melt as green winds began blowing above the rooftops of the town of Jujce.

Those citizens, intoxicated by weeks of drinking only lemonade, also began to melt away, as did the local architecture.

Soon, our heroes, having bathed in the lemonade, would be victim to the oncoming sphere of minty death.

Pursued by Sid, the Lemonlord dug further and further underground, digging them both into a pit as a bomb shelter, getting launched down further by the concrete only to continue digging like his life depended on it.

In reality, it did.


As Erin lowered the barrier, Jack smelt the oncoming death. "Put that back up!" She commanded Erin. "EVERYONE GET INSIDE! NOW!" She screeched, fear in her eyes.

Could Erin's barrier protect them? She had no way of knowing. But her odds inside were better than her odds of escaping.

The horned witch couldn't hold that at bay forever.


SamJaz was knocked the ground by the shockwave of MOG's weapon. "Think we had this conversation already!" He shouted, unable to hear his own voice over his burst eardrum, not hearing Luna's challenge as he recognised the level of bollocks the group was about to have inflicted upon them by the mint leaf in the sky that was already incinerating their enemies.

They needed to take cover now.

Hitomi. Luna. Kelly. Alicia. Arthur.

Hitomi would survive. Kelly was holding that bomb at bay.

"Find Alicia, get to Hitomi!" SamJaz called out to Luna, before getting to his feet and running towards his sister.


Slayer lowered his weapons as his enemies began crumbling, seemingly of their own volition. A glance at his teammates and then skyward told him everything he needed to know, taking his sword and heading towards the sphere.

Shaking her head as Huntsman left, Hitomi's eyes also turned to the sky, and then to Haruko. "Remember when I told you not to open your Kaspa?" Hitomi called out to her fellow seamstress. "Open it!"

Trusting in her colleague, Hitomi ran towards the group towards the back. Her Kaspa was bigger than Haruko's, she could shelter more people.


Menthe clenched her fist, sweating as she pushed down with her hands, fighting against Kelly to force her mint leaf to the ground.

This was a mess. A broth ruined by too many cooks. There was no covering this up. Like a dinner mint eliminates lingering tastes after a meal, her duty was to clean up this mess so no one could claim it ever happened.

Memories, maps, signs, no evidence would remain once that sphere touched the ground. Acidic tears ran down her cheeks as Kelly's spectral hands began to burn under Menthe's powers. Once that witch was dead, this would be all over and they could get to work filling the vacancies among the Cornucopia.

"Leave, Chase." Menthe ordered her visitor, eyes focused on the task at hand. "You may survive, and remember, that you can be a warning to any of your friends who didn't come along this day."

Blood began to drip out of her knuckles as she forced her power of annihilation down, and Kelly screamed in determination to survive.

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RPG » Moon Reach - [KG RP]

SamJaz tapped the floor as Richter swung his kick. "Time out." He said, hoping to stop the fight.


"I got bored." Bone said. "Well, one of the times there was a weirdo who was convinced that the ritual involved a lesbian orgy, so she needed to die. Other than that, everyone was pretty lackluster and uninteresting."


"So, Rebecca, what do you do?" Rin asked her boyfriend's mother as Moore and Emily continued chatting away about the new Assassins Creed Unity.


"You err... gonna introduce me?" Elliott asked Ciel, waving at the man.


Naoto frowned, but complied, confident in his ability to draw a weapon with bound hands.

Jenny had no complaints. Non-magical rope? Childs play.


Olivia followed the twins upstairs, Hagane following the scent until she found its source.


He was missing his right leg and part of an eye.

He looked at Hagane and Yukari, then smiled. "Special delivery." He said, before shuffling to reveal an uninjured, but clad in severely damaged armour, Aleister.

Hagane rushed over and took her husband- comatose but still breathing, and held him tight, before turning to look at Alvin as he vomited blood.


"What the hell..?" Archie asked, before dropping his phone and drawing his arrow, backing away and firing an arrow at the man.

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: So he'd be there to remind her that people are supposed to breathe after she suffocates. Isn't he helpful?

Jokes aside, no problems here.

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: He has no reason to help her, but he's also no reason to be impolite. It's also in his best interests to make sure that he still has a job tomorrow, and that she doesn't somehow annihilate the planet in a storm of emo.

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: FINALLY got around to reading Maya. As a whole, Death likes people, though doesn't really understand them. So he wouldn't be much help to Maya in finding her purpose or memories, beyond a kind word and encouragement.

What is would be willing to do is to give her a spare room and a hot meal whenever she needed a place to crash. He's pretty nice about that.

As for her abilities, she's localised. In the metaphor of humanity being a field of wheat, Death might view her as a mole, or maybe a rabbit, running about and doing no real harm while looking too cute and fluffy to bash in with a shovel. Besides, you ever tried to whack-a-mole? They're slippery fellas.

As for the Discworld ties, yep. I threw the bio together in about half an hour just to the vice had an official and politically neutral psychopomp. I'll get around to cleaning it up and vicing it up soon or eventually, thanks for reminding me about that.

All in all, I reckon she's good to go.

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RPG » =[ SamJaz Shinoda ]=

@EvilMegaCookie: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Actually used the name before viewing any Nasu works. Just thought they sounded cool and appropriate, like blood vessels, but for magic.

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)


Needed to be posted.

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