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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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And here comes the bomb.
I have to say, the ending theme today was the best so far. It did a fantastic job evoking the fear and the gravity of the situation. 
Nuclear War.
Yes, this happened in the manga, and at this point too. I am now very confident that we won't be getting a filler ending, and shit's about to go down.
I just want to repeat myself. Takagi's dad is awesome. He knows how to get his point across.
And I think we can all see that purple-shirt woman is gonna die next episode. Anyone like that is too dumb to live. In the manga, she said that they should work together and find a cure, because that's all They wanted, just to be treated for their disease.
Too dumb to live.
Meanwhile, Takagi's dad kicked Shidou out the second Rei decided not to kill him. He knows scum is scum, and he doesn't like it. I think the fact that he preached to his orgy-congregation while some kid was killed outside cements him in the scum position, if he wasn't there already. Again, something they missed out from the manga, but the kid's 'crime' was worrying how his parents were. 
Ah, Shidou Sensei. No one will cry when you die.
But yeah. Big finale's coming up, and I am looking forward to it.

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