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Dammit Koyuki, stop listening to your inferiority complex and keep it in your pants. Maho wants you, she just doesn't want you to know that. Sigh. 
Look, just stay away from the Donut Shop girl, alright? We all know you won't, but try to keep your stupidity to a minimum.
Back to the episode. I had to pause it to help my grandma to the car when he Koyuki was outside the party, and I just imagine him smiling, then saying "Well, that's okay then." before tossing the flowers aside and decking blondie. Damn, that would have been awesome, but alas, twas not to be.
And gasp, The rapper dude's willing to kill Eddie because he stole something! I reckon it's either Lucille (not so likely), Beck (Much more likely), or Maho (Very unlikely but would result in an awesome rescue arc that would end in a rock-off, Guitar Hero style. You know you want it to happen.)
And I'm pretty annoyed at the severe lack of communication between Maho and Koyuki. She clearly knows his movements and his phone number, so why the hell didn't she call him on the phone? Yeah, I can accept that Koyuki doesn't have a mobile, but she'd have thought of calling his house after she couldn't find him, or following him and throwing rocks at his windows. Wouldn't be the first time. 
Man, I hope they sort themselves out before the series ends. I don't want another Ichigo 100% ending where he screws up and ends up with the wrong girl. The anime fixed that and made the right choice, but either way, Beck is a slice of life, so it COULD happen, but DAMN I will be pissed.
Don't give me any hints about that, but since no-one posts on these, who am I even talking to?
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Dammit Koyuki, do NOT get yourself involved with another girl.
And I laughed when I found out that Saku and Koyuki ended up at the same school as Chiba. At first, I thought they were aiming for the same place as Maho, but then I remembered that she doesn't go to school in the first place, as far as I know.
Actually, what does she do concerning education? Does her rich-yet-unseen father pay for private tutoring, since she doesn't know Kanji? It would make sense.
And I'm interested to know the secret behind Lucille and Beck now. I reckon that Beck was run over and was fixed up by vet Black Jack, aaaand Lucille... I'm gonna guess a Syd Barrett type thing.
For those of you who don't know Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett was the original guitarist for Pink Floyd, but he went insane. Seriously. They'd be on stage and he'd be playing to one song while everyone else was playing another, and so on. Eventually they kicked him out of the band and replaced him with a new guy, but Syd kept turning up at concerts demanding to get on stage with his band. It got so bad that he was eventually sanctioned.
Anyways, I reckon that back in the Serial Mama days, Eddie and Ryuusuke kicked out one band member who then decided to shoot Eddie's guitar, and now wants to finish the job.
Mind you, it could also be Erika's ex-boyfriend that hates Eddie. Who knows?
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Well, I'm glad the Maho/Koyuki/Izumi situation was cleared up. That could've gotten messy.
So, it appears that Erika (The woman who shot herself) was important. Although I'm not sure where Ryuusuke's coming from, saying that someone with that much talent wouldn't kill themselves. Kurt Kobain, Hemingway, Paul Williams, plenty of fantastic musicians killed themselves, and then you get those that drank themselves to death.
Many successful artists live miserable lives.
Another thing I found interesting is that Koyuki's starting to get somewhere in music, even if it's not very far, but he's in a situation where he can quite happily laugh at his teachers hints that he should leave the band and focus on his schoolwork.
See, Koyuki was hand-picked by the pickiest asshole from one of the biggest bands in the world to sing on stage at a live concert because the guy that had been hired to do so sucked in comparison to this unknown 15-year old kid that had never even heard of Led Zeppelin a year ago, much less picked up a guitar and started singing. That alone is proof that Koyuki's going places. He's Japanese Eric Clapton for crying out loud.
And even if he doesn't, he knows Saitou. He knows that he can be happy working in a paper shop, unmarried at forty, his dreams broken, so long as he still loves his music. Koyuki's in the position where, so long as he doesn't screw himself over like he almost did two episodes ago, he's set to be a happy, possibly successful man in life.  
And that dream sequence freaked me out. All the greatest dead musicians clearing up the crap left behind from your concert? Man, that's gotta be traumatising.
And another thing I just realised about the last episode. If Koyuki went to the big guy and admitted that he broke the guitar, he wouldn't have even gotten his ass kicked. However, then the school-wide ban on talking to Koyuki wouldn't have happened, he'd never had been put forward for the swimming contests, he'd never have met Saku, and Beck would've broken up. Maybe there is something to this keeping your mouth shut lark after all...

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Huh. Not so sad then. 
That said, Moho wasn't there, so this was probably just a happy float episode just to resolve the unimportant plot and get some character development for the lesser characters in.
Nice to see I was kinda right concerning the big guy and him not really caring about the guitar. And also that no-one just got off on anything. Pretty satisfying solution all around,  reckon.
Still, not much plot to comment on, though it's good that it's pretty clear that 'best mate' turned out to be a two-faced scumbag that no-one really cares about. We know who Koyuki's real friends are, and they have a name.
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Alright, the manager is definitely speaking Engrish. Only the Japanese would mix an Italian accent with British one.
And whoa, did things go down in this episode. Koyuki got pretty confident after getting up on stage with Dying Breed, and now it's costing him.
And yet, this is what people do. Life starts going good, and you forget that you need to be careful not to loose it. 
The woman who shot herself at the end. I'm sure that's not important, but it's like Penpen leaving towards the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Things are not going to be happy happy fun from here. Koyuki screwed up. Now he has to fix it.  
And he might've had a chance if he started singing with Maho. Of course, that could have made thing a whole lot worse. 
See, this is why, when a girl leaves you several messages, you drop everything and call her back. Few things are more important than several messages.
Still, I can't believe they sliced off Thomas the Tank Engine's face and put a wheel there. That's just cruel.
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