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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Ever seen any of Ricky Gervais's romcoms? Invention of Lying and Ghost Town specifically? Well, in an interview, he once mentioned that he hates how most romances on TV have a kiss at the end of the show, as it just feels so fake. What does a kiss prove? Nothing. 
Then you get endings like this. We know they're together. We know they love each other. Do we need to know anything else?
Glad to see I was right about Ryuusuke, and I was very surprised that Leon got arrested. I mean, he damn well deserved it for all the stuff he's done, but I still didn't see it coming. I'd somehow convinced myself that he'd get off scot-free. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong. In this case, it was very nice.
And I honestly can't complain about the ending. Chiba got his dream, Ryuusuke got his freedom, guitar and dogs, Taira and Saku got to be with the band they love, and Koyuki made it.
It's been an im pressive growth. I'm reminded somewhat of Gurren Lagann, watching Simon grow into a man. While the change was nowhere near as drastic or as epic, it was realistic, believable, and I loved every second of it.
Koyuki made mistakes. He got unlucky. He got lucky. He made amazing discoveries. He missed opportunities. And he made it.
And to think. It all started when one girl invited him to a gig and got him to listen to her MP3 once. He's grown. It's great.
 This is him now. Look how he's grown.
 This is him now. Look how he's grown.
 The Boy
 The Boy
Honestly? I haven't been this impressed by a 'realistic' anime's character development since Major. In case you don't know, Major is about baseball, and a boy growing into a man. Six seasons of it, and while the second half of his adult career may not be as powerful as how he was when growing up, he's a man, and we love our Goro.
 The Man
 The Man

And we love Koyuki. He started off as a kid, and he's grown into a man that we love.
See, I love a coming-of-age story done right. Actually, I love almost anything if it's done right. Sturgeon's Law, 90% of anything is crap. But the 10% that remains is worth dying for.
Well, all that's left is to pick up my A-Level results tomorrow. It's been great. Later!

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I've always complimented this show on its realism, and criticised Koyuki on his naive faith in humanity, and I won't stop now.
Except... no. I will stop criticising Koyuki. This entire time, I've forgotten that he's only 16. I was hardly better at that age.
Slip Out seems to be a beautiful song, and I want to hear the full version. 
This Guy. Legend.
This Guy. Legend.
I actually half expected Koyuki to come onto the stage at the encore and say "Sorry, but Beck isn't around any more. We broke up. In completely unrelated news, I'd like to introduce the next band, Mongolian Chop Squad!"
But nah, this works too.
I'm impressed at this show at capturing the magic between a group so realistically. It was incredibly well done, and it's sad that it's over. 
But, these things die. Bands break up, band members leave. I really want to know where Ryuusuke went, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he went to America to make it big as a solo guitarist under a new name.
And I'm glad that Koyuki's finally getting somewhere with Maho, but that's kinda unimportant right now. Strange, isn't it? I've been going on and on about that all this time and all I care about is the goosebumps I got at the start of the episode when Koyuki was singing Slip Out. Honestly? That's all I care about right now.
That, and watching the final episode. On we go.
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Good on you Koyuki. Good on you.
Ryuusuke, Chiba, get your asses in gear and get on that stage. Taira's excused, he's pumping himself up to get back on there. 
And Koyuki's constantly getting himself into trouble, isn't he?
And 23 really didn't seem like an episode on its own, so I'm gonna merge my thoughts on it with episode 24.
And man, those were some good episodes. I love how everything, from the sheer level of Belle Ame's fangirls to having a stripperiffic slut in the crowd is being used to Beck's advantage. Karma owes Koyuki, and now it's paying in large amounts.
Man, only two more episodes left. Let's do this.
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Haha, Yoshito, I find it hilarious when you make bets you can't win. 
I find it less hilarious when you trick Koyuki into thinking that you've stopped being a prick. But then, the kid needs to learn to stop trusting pricks.
So, next episode, it's time for the festival. I gotta say, I'm glad that Leon set some serious, yet profitable conditions that will actually earn him money, and not something stupid like Ryuusuke loses his arm if he gets booed off or something. 
Of course, this is pretty damned bad for the band. Most bands only make money from their tours because of the record labels taking money from the albums, so if they have to tour for free, then Beck are gonna be seriously boned.
Still, three stages together fit 48,000, and Beck needs to attract the most of those people into their tiny 12,000 space. In theory, if the crowd exceeds 34,000 then Ryuusuke automatically loses, mathematically, since the staff won't count people standing outside the 12,000 area.
Sorry Ryuusuke, but this really is impossible, no matter how good you are. You've lost this, because Leon has the perfect escape clause-
Wait, never mind. If everyone is standing in the woods outside Stage Three, then they won't be counted as watching the other stages. Yeah, you can win this one. 
And I'm actually glad Koyuki got booed off. Adds some realism to the situation. I remember one festival where this prick threw a boot at the woman who was singing, and she stopped her song mid-line and shouted. "WHO THREW THAT?!", then ripped into the guy and sent him away from the concert in shame. It was hilarious, but yeah. Performers get stuff thrown at them even when they're doing well. Koyuki choked, even though it was of no fault of his own.  
Well, onto the next one.
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