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Holy. Effing. Shit.
Tite, you just made much of Bleach's readers very, very happy. The rest of them will complain about how Ichigo is a mary sue, but not me.
I'm proud of you big guy. Keep this up, and all will be forgiven.
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I probably got the title wrong, but meh.
As we all know, I am a Komuro/Saeko shipper, though Rei's welcome to the party too, so as you can imagine, I freaking love this episode, because it appears that the studio supports the pairing too. 
And you know, I can sympathise with Saeko. It feels good to have power over someone. It feels good to feel their fear. It feels good to press your foot against their throat after you bring them to the ground. 
And you feel disgusted with yourself afterwards. That's what the morally-black targets are fantastic for. Zombies, rapists, all good for a merciless beatdown.
That said, who would be stupid enough to try and rape Saeko? Seriously, that's just suicide.
Back on topic, one line that concerned me was Komuro's at the very end. "I did what I had to do to survive." that mean he  pretty much confessed his love for her in order to keep her psychologically happy and able to kill stuff? I'd probably do the same in that situation, but that's still a pretty dark use of pimp skills.
And you know who else is like Saeko? Our favourite Gun Nut who was hardly in this episode for obvious reasons. He said it himself, the only reason why he didn't have a school shooting was that he wanted a normal life, so he can be likened to Saeko in his own way. 
 Yeah, there. He says that isn't an arm.
 Yeah, there. He says that isn't an arm.
Now, another thing I noticed was that this was where deviation started, something I missed last episode. See, this little arc was supposed to happen AFTER the party left Takagi's house, suggesting that the season finale's coming up, because there was no way that they were gonna miss out on this beaut of an arc.
I actually got into an argument with a mate over an added 0.5 secs the studio added that he missed completely, most likely because I wanted Evangelion and look out for hints like these, and he watches porn, where if someone gets laid, you know about it.
See, what they added was right at the end of the scene inside the shrine, where Komuro started leaning into Saeko. The bit he missed was when Komuro's arm came up and grabbed her shoulder as they were leaning in. When he forced me to get pathetic about it and get frame captures, he went on to say that it wasn't an arm. What about you guys? You think it's a black-out effect or an arm?
Glad that the rumour that it was only a nine-episode anime was unfounded, but through the timing, I reckon that yes, it will be a twelve episode anime, with a sequel anime next summer. Expect Reiservice next week, and lots of it- she spends the entire episode topless with juices all over her back. AND MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, WHOOO!!!
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There are many kinds of villains. There are villains we love to hate, villains we hate, villains that ruin a series, villains that define a series, villains we sympathise with...
And then you get these guys.
There is no sympathy with these monsters.
Because that's what they are.
See, I just read the 56th and 57th chapters of Medaka Box. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's a brilliant deconstruction made by the man who brought you Bakemonogatari of what happens when a Mary Sue goes around solving everyone's problems, only there are other Sues that, frankly, don't want their problems to be fixed.
And these two chapters sent shivers down my spine. 
With one character. 
Just one, new character.
Kumagawa Misogi. 
 He'd stand there amid the carnage, blood on his hands and stolen  jewellery in his pocket, and with an expression of injured innocence  declare, 'Me? What did I do?' And it was believable right up until you  looked hard into those cheeky, smiling eyes, and saw, deep down, the  demons looking back...Of course, by then, you'd taken your eyes off his knife.
 He'd stand there amid the carnage, blood on his hands and stolen jewellery in his pocket, and with an expression of injured innocence declare, 'Me? What did I do?' And it was believable right up until you looked hard into those cheeky, smiling eyes, and saw, deep down, the demons looking back...Of course, by then, you'd taken your eyes off his knife.
- Terry Pratchett, Night Watch
This guy appeared at the end of chapter 55 standing amongst the bodies of several powerful named characters. He's covered in other people's blood, and holding a massive oversized screw in his hand.
Not just that. Look at his face. His posture. His hands.
I don't read Japanese, but I can tell you what he was saying.
He could be holding a bloody knife in one hand and a bloodstained purse in the other while standing in an alley next to a bleeding woman  on the ground, and he'd be saying the same thing with the same expression.
"Who, me? What did I do?"
That sets off warning bells in anyone's mind, but over the course of these two chapters, you realise what he actually is.  
A Monster.
A Complete Monster.

This is Kumagawa Misogi
This is Johan Liebert.
This is Frieza.
This is Envy.
This is Father.
This is Kimblee.
This is Tucker.
This is Orochimaru.
This is Hidan.
This is Haguro Dou.
This is Light Yagami.
These are just the ones from anime I've seen. These are villains with which there is no forgiveness. There is no sympathy. Their excuse for their actions is meaningless, because that's just what they were looking for. And don't give me any crap about how Light had ideals. So did Peter Sutcliffe. A serial killer is a serial killer.
The thing is, these guys will kill you. And they'll enjoy it.
There's no redeeming these bastards.
There's no forgiving them.
They are unforgivable.
The only mercy they are worthy of is a cold knife through their throat.
Now, Kumagawa Misogi invoked one reaction from me: FEAR.
I was afraid of this guy.
 The Monster Himself
 The Monster Himself
This is in a comedy manga about a mary sue who solves everyone's problems.
And I was terrified.
I hadn't felt like that since I read Monster.
These guy's know that they're evil bastards.
And they love it.
Some may try to think that they're 'cleaning' the world, or that they're in the right.
But the fact is that you'll never convince them to change.
And it's terrifying. 
Because the only way to stop them is a prison cell or a bullet through the skull.
These are incredibly hard to pull off. I mean, flat characters are boring and unrealistic, but if you sympathise with them, then they're not Complete Monsters.  
And a poorly done Complete Monster doesn't work. These villains are All Or Nothing. Fear or no reaction. 
See, this is what Aizen TRIES to be, except we're not afraid of him. He doesn't evoke fear from the readers, just annoyance. We don't want him dead or forgiven, we want him out of the way so Bleach will either end or be interesting again.
True Monsters define a story.
You never forget them.
What about you guys? Do you enjoy a good Complete Monster?
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Hoooooly shit.
I mean, I knew Ichigo got a power-up, but dude. 
On another note, I reckon that the reason why they can't sense Ichigo's Riatsu is the same reason why people in Ohio can't see America. It's too freaking big and they're standing right in the middle of it.
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I mean, wow.
THAT was intense. I mean, for a good couple of minutes, I was almost convinced that they were going for a downer filler ending. It's been a while since I read the manga, but I don't remember that scene being that intense.
I love realism in my anime, both in characterisation and in fight scenes. So I was impressed with Takashi fumbling the weapons. I was impressed with him breaking down for a moment before realising that Rei had a gun strapped to her. I was impressed that Kohta tried to save the girl. I was impressed that Takagi went out to face Them, knowing that she'd probably die.
And I loved it when Takashi and Saeko charged into the horde ready to die. 
 Which one? Why choose?
 Which one? Why choose?
I might as well voice my opinion on the love triangle. I've nothing against Rei, but I like Saeko more, and I also think that Takashi and Saeko mesh better than Rei and Takashi. However, I also appr eciate that Takashi's in love with Rei, and that logic has little say in how a person feels.
So I'm hoping for a harem. I rarely do, but Takashi deserves one and it'd be a reasonable outcome.
That said, I'm predicting a backlash of Rei haters ranting about this episode, despite the fact that she was thrown off a car and almost broke her spine. THEN she was pretty much hanged by her chest repeatedly by the recoil of the gun tied around her torso. Don't complain she wasn't doing anything, she's lucky to even be alive right now.
Hell, she'll be lucky to walk again after that.
So, to the Saeko fanboys who wish Rei should be burnt at the stake, you'll enjoy the next episode. It's pretty much Saeko and Takashi being awesome together for twenty minutes. And from how they both fought their way through that horde of Them, you know it'll be good.
Also, this is probably the first time I've seen someone use a matrix bullet-time dodge so close that the bullet almost scraped against the gainax bounce. It was very, very impressive, and maybe the home release won't be blurry, because that was some top-notch special effects. Bit ripply, but hey, this is Highschool of the Dead.
Now, I read one one message board that one person predicted that the president preparing to fire nukes was a sign that the anime will end on the ninth episode. I say haha, I'll take your bet.
No, I think that they've managed to stretch everything out to give a satisfying yet cliffhanger ending on the eleventh-twelfth episode, with a Season II next year. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
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