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Back at Uni. Awesomesauce.
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Nooooo oooone's big like Gantz Gaston
Got ramen like Gantz Gaston
No one steals Soul Society badges like Gantz Gaston
As a specimen, yes, he's an enigma!
My what a guy, that Gantz Gaston!
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Apparently, I have the best shot with C.C. That's pretty awesome.
My next options are TenTen, Haman Karn, and Haruhi Suzumiya, in that order.
I think I did pretty well for myself there.
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Ooooh Crap. This war is serious business.
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It's Halloween, so here's something terrifying.

 Kumagawa never ceases to scare the shit outta me.
 Kumagawa never ceases to scare the shit outta me.
Seriously though. Have you ever noticed that in most manga, of the Hero beats the crap out of the villain, the villain either dies, becomes a rival, or the hero's bestest buddy in the whole wide world? What's up with that?
Now, I know it could come from solving emotional issues that rose up in the fight, or finally having a worthy opponent, or maybe male bonding over a scrap. I myself have personally encountered all three. Yes, I get into a lot of fights. Actually, most of my friends used to be my enemies until we duked it out and had a good laugh about it afterwards...
Why am I making fun of this again? This is completely realistic. Ignore me.

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Tite. You magnificent bastard I read your BOOK!!!
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