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So, been doing some concept art for my Smash Bros story on, Arrangements Shall Be Made, when I created this particularly badass sketch for Dennis The Menace as a teenager. I am, of course, talking about the UK version of the Menace, the one that brawls with army veterans at the age of ten and smashes other kid's heads through windows.
Naturally, as he developed into a teenager, he'd become more violent, right?
And, while I'm at it, here's some more concept arts from my various fanfictions, such as Pokémon: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Final Fantasy VII: Time Paradox, and Persona 3: Fairly English Story.
As you can see, I'm a lazy, scruffy artist. I don't draw things to look good, I draw them so I can get a visual image of what I'm writing about. I don't usually post my concept arts online, since they're for my use, not to look good, but what the hell. Might as well share them.
Prize for whoever can identify them all, and which one was NOT done by me.   

Worth pointing out that I write better than I draw. I'm famous for taking some of the stupidest ideas, such as Minato Arisato being British and having the surname Arisoto, Code Geass taking place with pokémon instead of Knightmares, but the current prize is an Evangelion/Halo/Powerangers crossover called Shinji 108.
Just in case anyone's interested, Here's a link to my account.
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That was good stuff.
It started when Bleach Kato pulled a perfect Aizen pose, and looked just like the godmode himself.
And the suspense just escalated from there until the big reveal at the end of the chapter.
Shiz.... I REALLY want to know what's up now.
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How many of you have heard of Nuzlocke Runs? It's an enhanced difficulty style of playing Pokémon games.
Here are the rules:
1) If a pokémon faints, it is dead, and must be released. Revives are not allowed to be used.
2) You can only catch the first wild pokémon you see in an area. If you fail to catch it, you can't catch any pokémon in that route/dungeon/body of water. The only exception is that you can catch Shiny pokémon freely.
3) If you white out, game over, and erase the save data.
As you can imagine, the added risk of loss brings you closer to your pokémon. They become your brothers in battle, and they develop personalities in your mind. You become attached, and you grind even harder to minimise the risk of defeat.
My combusken, Ark,  just died on route 122. 
He was level 31, knew Ember, Double Kick, Bulk Up, and Peck, and that bastard of a koffing used Selfdestruct while having next to no health.
You can't let your guard down for one second in this game.
Get the slightest bit cocky, and this game will punch you hard.
Rules are rules. 
I released my starter pokémon.

Never forgive. Never forget. Never give up.
Nuzlocke Run.
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My brother, who was just made a manager of the local Pizza Hut, was just explaining to me that Pizza Hut is no longer profitable to its owner company, Yums! Brands, who also own KFC, Taco Bell, and Long John Silvers.
Unless business in Pizza Hut doubles over the next three months, Pizza Hut will be sold, or worse. Closed down for good.
Anime fans, do your part. Buy a pizza. One not from Domino's. Save Pizza Hut.
 Or your blood will be hers.
 Or your blood will be hers.

And honestly, do YOU want to be the one explaining to your kids just what happened when they're watching Code Geass?
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Hope Spot.
A Trope used in fiction where the characters are given what seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, only for that light to turn out to be an oncoming train.
In this instance, there is a place of safety, a military lead evacuation where parents may or may not be waiting for them.
Guess who is there with his orgy cult?
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