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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Well, this episode I switched to the Subbed version, and the dub was pretty good, but I reckon I'll stick to the sub.
And I'm pretty surprised that main guy actually seems more interested in the new girl than the childhood friend. This'll be interesting.
More importantly, it was pretty interesting seeing someone experience Rock for the first time. My dad's a rocker so I was pretty much brought up on Guns 'n' Roses and Status Quo, and whatnot, and I'm always pretty weirded out when I find someone who wasn't brought up on music. It's pretty interesting to see it from their point of view for once.
And Tom Pinchuk has it hard. It's not easy to write an essay on your thoughts of each individual episode as you go along.
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So, I decided to watch Beck. First episode, pretty good. I had to admit, Ryusuke had me going with his new yorker act. Now, onto episode 2
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But this GIF was way too good for me not to use. Like I said, I don't hate her. This was just brilliant.
Here's the original.
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You know, for a fanservice centred episode, I liked this one, mostly because it's still pretty damn realistic with what's going on.
Everyone's stopped, taking a break, getting some rest, and everyone's dealing with everything in their own way.
Some get drunk, some bust out the guns, some try to get it one with the others, and Komuro has his outburst. 
And hey, Saeko's almighty apron.

Next episode, Hirano's got a real gun, Komuro's got a shotgun, and the Nurse has a HumVee. You can tell this'll be awesome.
Also, I found out what the deal was between Rei and evil Kittan teacher, Koichi Shidou. 
He flunked her because of the politics of Rei's father, who was a political enemy of Koichi's father, not sexual assault like I first thought. 
Hey, can you blame me?


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Pathetic. You're not learning from the past year, are you?
And yet, Naruto's chapter was so epic. Why is it then when a character in Naruto powers up, it's awesome, but when Bleach does it, it's crap?
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