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Easily the best episode so far, simply because there was so much stuff to consider in it.
I dunno. Maybe I was just braindead last night, but I'm picking up on a helluva lot more now.
Remember earlier when I expected Koyuki to own up to dinging the guitar? If he did, then he would have gotten his ass kicked, but the guitar wouldn't have been trashed like that. Moral of the story? Own up, because the longer you delay it, the worse the consequence will be.
Agent J, I reckon that this was the episode you were talking about concerning the smashing of the guitar, not episode 6. And yeah, it was heartbreaking. But I can't deny that, while he didn't deserve it, Koyuki had it coming. He was dealing with unfair people from the start. Best to get out of the whole thing early while you still have some control.
 Claptons Blackie = Ryuusuke's Lucille
 Claptons Blackie = Ryuusuke's Lucille
The other thing that got my interest was the gig itself, and Eiji's thoughts on Ryuusuke's guitar. Lucille was it?
The body was full of holes, the front pickup was smashed, yet Ryuusuke was making an amazing sound with it. To me, this is what set Eiji as someone who doesn't understand Rock.  Check out Eric Clapton's Blackie. This guitar is full of dints, cigarette burns, and the bottom bridge is completely busted, yet this is one of the most valuable guitars in the world. Why? Because Eric Clapton makes this guitar sing. If anyone else were to play it, it would probably sound like a battered Fender Strat, but Eric knows his instrument, and makes its wounded body play music that other guitars can only dream of.
This is Rock in its purest form. Not getting drunk, laid, rich or famous. Loving your battered, worthless instrument and letting it love you back. In fact, this isn't just Rock. This is older than Rock. This is older than Blues, hell, this probably goes straight back to Orpheus and his harp that played music so beautiful that the gates of hell opened themselves to let him pass. You love music, it loves you.
Ryuusuke understands this. This is why he flipped out at Koyuki when he broke the seemingly useless instrument. Eiji and those two bullies didn't understand this. They're academic musicians. They like music. Ryuusuke, and most likely Koyuki soon, are lovers of music. People who use these seemingly worthless instruments and make them beautiful.
My first guitar was my dad's 30-year old thunderbird. Half the knobs on it were broken, there was a crack along the body, but I loved it. At first, I was taught at school, and I packed guitar in completely for two or three years before I took it back up and got lessons by the train station. The guy who taught me was a blues guitarist, and he said that I could take the music exams, but I wasn't interested, and neither was he. He taught me to love music. Later, my dad bought me a Variax, which was a computer-guitar that could emulate the sound of 50 other guitars. 
I hated it. It was a great guitar, but I ended up selling it to another guy at the place and bought my Ibanez Semi-Acoustic. I never plug it into my amp, rarely use a plectrum, but I freaking love the sound that it makes. My older brother and my dad don't get where I'm coming from, but this is Love of Your Instrument. You love your instrument, and it loves you back.
See, this is what I feel that this anime's about. You don't go into music to get rich and famous (Eiji). You don't go in because you want to get laid (Chiba). You don't go in because you're talented (Taira). If you go into music, it should be for one reason only: You love music (Ryuusuke, Koyuki)
If you love music, then you could be divorced, living off minimum wage, teaching snot-nosed kids how to strum a few chords together, but love your life because once in a while you can get together with someone else who loves music as much as you do and make music. (Saito)
That said, this is only episode seven. We'll have to see how this develops.
Agent J, I watch the Sub because the Dub loads incredibly slow. The Dub was pretty amazing, I admit. I'll check it out during off-peak times.
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Well, you can easily tell that the money isn't going into fight scenes. 
Though, I kept expecting Koyuki to come forward and say "I did it!", only for the Rikia to point out that he doesn't play guitar. Oh what fun that'll be.
But yeah, now other musicians are trashing guitars? Man, what the hell. Does no one who isn't a main character have respect?
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Heh. Nice episode. I have a feeling that the introductory arc has just ended. Off to bed now, so I'll write more later.
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Oh man. No one deserves to have that happen to that guitar. Poor kid.
And you know what? I'm not surprised that Ryuusuke lost his rag with him like that. You just don't break a guitar, not even by accident. It's worse than burning a book. 
Man, I thought I'd left music behind for writing but you know what? I'm still a guitarist. I need to treat my own guitar better.
It's an Ibanez semi. Beautiful beast she is.
Man, I have no idea what I'd do if that was ever damaged.
I am SO glad the old guy knew a guy who could fix it.
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Tell you one thing. I freaking love the Engrish in this. Mostly because it could actually pass for actual English.
And now the band begins to come together. What fun.
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