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Ah, my boy Koyuki is growing up.
Seriously though. I'm not sure if Ray was speaking English or Engrish, but the quality of the Engrish on this show is so good I'm not surprised I couldn't tell the difference.
I'm actually impressed to see just how Eiji made it. He's sold out. He's become as Busted- a boy band who can strum some chords.
That said, I like Charlie Simpson. He did some fantastic songs with Fightstar after he left Busted.
Honestly? There really wasn't much for me to comment on in this episode. I was concerned for a time that we'd never see Eddie's face, but that was averted thankfully.
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You know, the bully likened Ryuusuke to Japanese Jimmy Page. So if Taira is Japanese Flea and Koyuki is Japanese Eric Clapton, Chiba is Japanese... Axel Rose? Nah, he can work up a crowd but Axel Rose is a douchebag of epic proportions. Seriously, Guns 'N' Roses was one of my favourite bands, but I fully support Slash's decision to leave. No one should have to work with Axel Rose.
Chiba actually reminds me of Bon Scott, the first singer of AC/DC. In it to get his mouth and dick wet, not that great a singer but he can work up a crowd like anything and he's great at the songs he sings. So, Beck is a band starring Jimmy Page, Flea, Eric Clapton and Bon Scott. I don't know many famous drummers so I can't draw any parallels to Suka.
Speaking of Suka, that scene with the maracas was bleeding hilarious. I am serious.  Walking away from bullies while shaking maracas must be somewhere between walking away from an explosion, and walking away from an explosion with maracas.
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Oh man, they nominated him for the 200 metre swim to make him fail? After all that swimming training he's had from an Olympic athlete? 
And for the butterfly, which he learnt to do. I'm not sure if he knows the Backstroke, but hey. I have faith in the lad. Hey, he was up against guys who were probably in the swimming club, since it was the hardest race. And he didn't get humiliated, quite the opposite. He got a very nice lady friend in a bikini to help him stretch out. Ah, don't you just love it when a bullies plan blows up in their face? 
Though, I can't blame him for cracking his head against the wall.

Ryuusuke's guitar scratching was pretty cool. I've never actually seen anyone do that before and thought I made it up, though I did it with my knuckles so maybe I did.
And hoo, Saku knows his music. I really like this guy. I have a feeling that he'll either join the band or become their manager.  Most likely as a drummer if Toudou's gonna quit.
Oh wait, Saku's a drummer. I CALLED IT!
Speaking of which, funny how Ryuusuke mentioned the Flea. Taiga bounces when he plays bass just like he does, doesn't he?
And damn, what a place to leave the episode? I want to watch episode ten, but I've got stuff I need to do. GRAH!
And as you may have guessed, I wrote this one while watching the episode instead of afterwards. I reckon that the old way was more productive. What do you think?

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You know, the scene that got me this episode was when the condom fell out of his pocket. The whole situation could have ended with laughs all around if he came out with it earlier.
"Hey, what did my brother say to you?"
"Nothing, he just gave me this condom."
"I know. That's Ryuusuke all over, huh?" 
Oh yeah, it would have been awkward, but misunderstandings and greater awkwardness would have been averted.
 SEELE and Shinji needed to hang out with Sakurai more.
 SEELE and Shinji needed to hang out with Sakurai more.
And I'm not blaming Koyuki. It's not easy to come out with stuff straight away and take the punishment now as I make it sound. If it was, SEELE wouldn't have gone to all that effort with Instrumentality. 
That's why I like this new kid, Sakurai. Sakurai is honest. He doesn't hide things, he doesn't lie. He's clearly not stupid and he knows what he gets himself into, but he only has one face and it speaks the truth. I like Sakurai, he's a good guy. If he was in NGE, he'd have been killed off in ten minutes before anyone was tainted by his good influence.
Anyway, back to Beck. Koyuki's starting to get something to sing about, isn't he? What with the school's silent treatment and his first crush getting a boyfriend. I'm glad he and Ryuusuke made up, and I like how that was done. Simply and realistically. 
Well, back to work.

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I was impressed with this episode, but one thing annoyed me.
In this episode, Hirano's outburst was comedic. In the manga, it wasn't an outburst. It was tranquil fury. " It's. A. Little. Girl." Other than that, this episode was pure win.
And you know, Hirano really does personify the manly dream. He's standing in what may as well be a tank, beautiful women smothering their boobs into his face while he shoots zombies with a shotgun. Just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. That fat kid may as well turn out to be more of a man than you ever will. 
And if I remember the storyline properly, we're approaching the end of what may be the first arc. We will weep if this ends so soon. We will weep when this ends full stop. 
This is an amazing anime. Let none argue against this.
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