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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Ever seen any of Ricky Gervais's romcoms? Invention of Lying and Ghost Town specifically? Well, in an interview, he once mentioned that he hates how most romances on TV have a kiss at the end of the show, as it just feels so fake. What does a kiss prove? Nothing. 
Then you get endings like this. We know they're together. We know they love each other. Do we need to know anything else?
Glad to see I was right about Ryuusuke, and I was very surprised that Leon got arrested. I mean, he damn well deserved it for all the stuff he's done, but I still didn't see it coming. I'd somehow convinced myself that he'd get off scot-free. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong. In this case, it was very nice.
And I honestly can't complain about the ending. Chiba got his dream, Ryuusuke got his freedom, guitar and dogs, Taira and Saku got to be with the band they love, and Koyuki made it.
It's been an im pressive growth. I'm reminded somewhat of Gurren Lagann, watching Simon grow into a man. While the change was nowhere near as drastic or as epic, it was realistic, believable, and I loved every second of it.
Koyuki made mistakes. He got unlucky. He got lucky. He made amazing discoveries. He missed opportunities. And he made it.
And to think. It all started when one girl invited him to a gig and got him to listen to her MP3 once. He's grown. It's great.
 This is him now. Look how he's grown.
 This is him now. Look how he's grown.
 The Boy
 The Boy
Honestly? I haven't been this impressed by a 'realistic' anime's character development since Major. In case you don't know, Major is about baseball, and a boy growing into a man. Six seasons of it, and while the second half of his adult career may not be as powerful as how he was when growing up, he's a man, and we love our Goro.
 The Man
 The Man

And we love Koyuki. He started off as a kid, and he's grown into a man that we love.
See, I love a coming-of-age story done right. Actually, I love almost anything if it's done right. Sturgeon's Law, 90% of anything is crap. But the 10% that remains is worth dying for.
Well, all that's left is to pick up my A-Level results tomorrow. It's been great. Later!

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