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What? No, I'm not changing my status just for the sake of it, who told you that?
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Good on you Koyuki. Good on you.
Ryuusuke, Chiba, get your asses in gear and get on that stage. Taira's excused, he's pumping himself up to get back on there. 
And Koyuki's constantly getting himself into trouble, isn't he?
And 23 really didn't seem like an episode on its own, so I'm gonna merge my thoughts on it with episode 24.
And man, those were some good episodes. I love how everything, from the sheer level of Belle Ame's fangirls to having a stripperiffic slut in the crowd is being used to Beck's advantage. Karma owes Koyuki, and now it's paying in large amounts.
Man, only two more episodes left. Let's do this.
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