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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Haha, Yoshito, I find it hilarious when you make bets you can't win. 
I find it less hilarious when you trick Koyuki into thinking that you've stopped being a prick. But then, the kid needs to learn to stop trusting pricks.
So, next episode, it's time for the festival. I gotta say, I'm glad that Leon set some serious, yet profitable conditions that will actually earn him money, and not something stupid like Ryuusuke loses his arm if he gets booed off or something. 
Of course, this is pretty damned bad for the band. Most bands only make money from their tours because of the record labels taking money from the albums, so if they have to tour for free, then Beck are gonna be seriously boned.
Still, three stages together fit 48,000, and Beck needs to attract the most of those people into their tiny 12,000 space. In theory, if the crowd exceeds 34,000 then Ryuusuke automatically loses, mathematically, since the staff won't count people standing outside the 12,000 area.
Sorry Ryuusuke, but this really is impossible, no matter how good you are. You've lost this, because Leon has the perfect escape clause-
Wait, never mind. If everyone is standing in the woods outside Stage Three, then they won't be counted as watching the other stages. Yeah, you can win this one. 
And I'm actually glad Koyuki got booed off. Adds some realism to the situation. I remember one festival where this prick threw a boot at the woman who was singing, and she stopped her song mid-line and shouted. "WHO THREW THAT?!", then ripped into the guy and sent him away from the concert in shame. It was hilarious, but yeah. Performers get stuff thrown at them even when they're doing well. Koyuki choked, even though it was of no fault of his own.  
Well, onto the next one.
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