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Yep. That's a good place to leave it for now.
And there were two clear halves to this episode. The gangster half, and the normal Beck half.
It's a shame about Beck leaving, but to be fair, Ryuusuke did steal him. And I'm actually pretty glad that he didn't escape, it would have demeaned the whole kidnapping.
That said, you don't smack someone over the head and run. You smack them over the head and beat them into unconsciousness then run like buggery. Ryuusuke lacks thoroughness, though he'd probably have gotten his ass kicked more if he'd fought as hard as I would have.
It was good to see him play with the old guy with respect. Probably what saved his life, but now he's quite likely gonna end up with some depression and not be able to play properly.
Now for the second half of the episode. I'm damned glad to see Koyuki getting somewhere with Maho. Yoshito, you just got owned by the film industry. Step the hell off.
And the band's name is now Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. Pretty cool, and I can see why they changed to name for the US release. 
Well, before I go,
"Bugger off! Get that camera outta my face!
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