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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Holy- they actually stole Lucille AND Beck?! AND Lucille is the actual Lucille? Not THE Lucille, but another famous Lucillie guitar. 
Damn, I saw that coming, yet I did NOT see that coming.
And dammit Koyuki, what have I told you about keeping it in your pants? Hell, I'm sure you intend to, but come on, don't be thick. And what's Saku doing, egging him on? 
Man, people need to sit down and think sometimes.
And now there's a gunman hunting Ryuusuke down. Now this'll be interesting. I get a feeling that Koyuki's gonna get pulled into this. 
Actually, A solid body Telecaster may be able to defend his scrawny frame somewhat against low-calibre bullets. Now THAT'd be poetic irony.  
Well, I COULD study for the class I'll be teaching in about two hours, but I reckon I can squeeze another episode in.
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