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Magic is often just the over-application of understood systems to areas of reality where they do not apply.
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Dammit Koyuki, stop listening to your inferiority complex and keep it in your pants. Maho wants you, she just doesn't want you to know that. Sigh. 
Look, just stay away from the Donut Shop girl, alright? We all know you won't, but try to keep your stupidity to a minimum.
Back to the episode. I had to pause it to help my grandma to the car when he Koyuki was outside the party, and I just imagine him smiling, then saying "Well, that's okay then." before tossing the flowers aside and decking blondie. Damn, that would have been awesome, but alas, twas not to be.
And gasp, The rapper dude's willing to kill Eddie because he stole something! I reckon it's either Lucille (not so likely), Beck (Much more likely), or Maho (Very unlikely but would result in an awesome rescue arc that would end in a rock-off, Guitar Hero style. You know you want it to happen.)
And I'm pretty annoyed at the severe lack of communication between Maho and Koyuki. She clearly knows his movements and his phone number, so why the hell didn't she call him on the phone? Yeah, I can accept that Koyuki doesn't have a mobile, but she'd have thought of calling his house after she couldn't find him, or following him and throwing rocks at his windows. Wouldn't be the first time. 
Man, I hope they sort themselves out before the series ends. I don't want another Ichigo 100% ending where he screws up and ends up with the wrong girl. The anime fixed that and made the right choice, but either way, Beck is a slice of life, so it COULD happen, but DAMN I will be pissed.
Don't give me any hints about that, but since no-one posts on these, who am I even talking to?
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