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Today, August 19th, marks the day that our spiky headed mercenary was born on. Cloud was the first video game character that I was introduced to who had depth into his personality. At first he appeared to be a cold jerk with sarcastic humor who didn't care about the Planet dying. Gradually this began to change when Aerith shone light into his bland mood.

To others, Cloud may seem to be vulnerable, but he's far from that. He carries the burden of his best friend Zack's death along with Zack's girlfriend Aerith who was apart of the famous VII love triangle.

As a young child he didn't have any friends but admired the beautiful Tifa Lockhart from afar. One day after her mother's death she decides to hike up the Nibleheim mountains believing that she could see her mother again. Little did she know Cloud was right behind her to ensure that everything would be alright. Steadily balancing on a wooden bridge, Tifa falls down before Cloud could save her. After being blamed on for Tifa's coma due to the fall, Cloud joined SOLDIER so he could become strong and protect Tifa.

If you read my posts on the forums, then you would know that I have the autism disorder Asperger's Syndrome. In a way, I can understand Cloud; on a search to find yourself, unsure of what emotions you're feeling, and is an outcast from others. Recently, I've noticed that when Cloud and I get emotionally attached to a person (as he did with Zack, Aerith and Tifa) we never forget that person who's made an impact over our lives.

Everyone has different opinions on who the best video game character is but in my heart it's Cloud. He may not be a happy go lucky guy wearing tight spandex and a cape wrapped around his neck but, I love him because he's shown so many layers in his personality and background for someone who isn't even real. I love how Cloud has psychological issues, continues to fight no matter how much he feels like giving up and struggles to find answers on his true identity.

Before Advent Children came out, for many years as a young girl I would watch the soap opera General Hospital with my mother. So happens, my favorite character from that soap opera, Jason Morgan, his actor Steve Burton, got hired to voice act my favorite video game character, Cloud. Not many are aware who Steve Burton is but whenever I see him on General Hospital I can't help but think of my hero Cloud.

It was the experience of my lifetime (so far) that I not only traveled throughout Gaia to save the Planet but, us, players, were also able to witness the cocky Ex-SOLDIER blossom into a caring person filled with confidence at the end of the game.

Now, let's wish Cloud a Happy Birthday and give him free tickets to Golden Saucer!

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