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Critics Corner : Episode 1 

Welcome to the Critics Corner where I will talk about the current Anime I am reviewing, what the Reviewer's Guild is up to, and my thoughts on the Art form in general. These blog posts will be short and I'll make them when I have an idea, or something is bugging me, or I want to burden the world with another opinion. This is a sort of extension of my mini blog post before, featuring much more fleshed out ideas.  Without further ado, on with the show!

The Reviewer's Guild Update

I would love to thank everyone that has joined the Guild and has shown the entire project support. I was surprised by the amount of people that have joined and understand why reviews are important and awesome. Please come check out our fellow guild members work at our thread located  here.   

In our  first week, the assignment was to find three reviews of anime you haven't watched and leave some feedback. While doing this myself,I found a very interesting idea colorbrandon had in his AnoHana Review. It was cool to see a section of it whited out for people that have already watched the series, that included a discourse on the ideas and themes presented. I think this an interesting technique in generating dialogue about anime and bring to light the more subtle parts of this art-form. Personally I am trying to think of a user friendly way of including something like this in my own reviews. 
By the way, thank you to everyone that has completed their Weekly Guild Assignment and hope anyone reading this will take part to support the User Review community!

Marvel Marathon

Recently I just put up my Iron Man Review and I must say that I was dissapointed with the work. Madhouse has an excellent pedigree and I'm ashamed they didn't put their talents to use. There's a ton of interesting creative space to explore by 'porting' western franchises, as seen in the Animatrix. Watching Wolverine, I feel that while some issues are addressed, other keep cropping up. Madhouse and Marvel need to start creating narratives that you can care about with these memorable characters. Neither Wolverine or Iron Man are memorable for strictly Western reasons, they have a natural universal appeal. These studios need to capitalize on that and draw more from the rich source material to create a more deeper and involved anime. 

Reviewing Bad Anime

We all come across terrible anime more often than not. It's impossible to avoid as reviewer to come across what can only be considered garbage. I'm not going to name any series in particular, but we all have one in mind. But as a Critic what should we do when we come across a piece of work that we utterly dislike? Be fair.  
Now its easy to get caught up, and just have verbal diarrhea all over the page. This is when we need to take a step back and really take a look at the entire work. Why do you ask? Well as a Critic, you write not just for yourself but for an audience to read. Every member of that audience has a certain preference or something that they look for in anime, certain things that you as a viewer might not particularly care about. You want to make sure they know about this special 'something'. Now its impossible to address every positive and negative found within a given anime but we can cover our bases. 
A good technique is to split up your review into multiple sections such as characters, story, animation, sound, themes, genre, or any host of other you are comfortable. By looking at each cross section of a certain piece it's easier to find a something redeeming amongst all the bad. Make sure to comment about it. While I understand that most reviews requires some level of bias to make it an opinion piece, we must make every attempt to be fair if we want to educate people about an art form and  entertainment we all enjoy. 

Any suggestions for the Reviewer's Guild and the next Critic's Corner would be greatly appreciated!

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Why Review?

 Many ask me what the point of reviews are? I mean who has time to read them! So many words! TL:DR ALERT! Well being from a literate society it's often just easier to read a review and figure out whether or not some product is teribad. I am so glad that no one had to watch Maria‚ĆHolic after my review. That was just teribad. Reviewers have an obligation to society to protect them from the dark terrible things on shelves. We consume the poison for you and hand you the ambrosia of your extended arms!
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