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Top Ten Anime Girls

1. Tsukasa Hiiragi

Little sisters don't get enough credit! I don't know why people seem to like Kagami so much, this cutie's the real gem! Just watch her attempt hurdles. Priceless!

2. Yuki Nagato

Spacey and monotonal. Makes anything she says ten times funnier. Unique.

3. Yotsuba Koiwai

The little cutie from "the left"

4. Haruhi Suzumiya

The entire world revolves around this eccentric girl. We're so screwed!

5. Ayumu Kasuga

Sheee's sooooooooo spaaaaaaaceeeeeeeyyyy.......

6. Tohru Honda

Ahh, perfect Miss Honda. She faces so many challenges yet she never worries about her own problems, she keeps busy with everyone else's! She would have been at the top of this list a few years ago, but since then !'ve realised she's annoyingly perfect, and she's very Mary-Sue!

7. Mei Kusakabe

So cute and boisterous! A bouncing ball of energy!

8. Kagura Sohma

Woooo go year of the pig!

9. Ana Coppola

The typical blonde-haired blue-eyed foreigner. She forgets English, but refuses to speak Japanese. She now speaks "engrish"

10. Kisa Sohma

I have a thing for mutes ^.^

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