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The formula for a good school anime
The following elements can be found in any school-based anime.
Let me know if you think of any others!
1. School Uniform

Essential part of the anime. Female uniform must be more memorable than the male uniform. To ensure this, it must include long socks, short skirts, tight blouse, the colours red, yellow and/or blue, and must be sailor suit style.

2. Moe

There has to be a cute girl with glasses, or a really clumsy girl, or just someone naive. Adds an "awwwwwwwww" factor.

3. Tsundere

Balances out the moe girl.

4. Villains

Whether it be a mean girl threatening to steal your man, or a full blown murderer, anime is nothing without a villain!

5. Protagonist

The character everyone loves. Has to be both hard done by and kind. Their flaws should always be secret strengths because it makes them more appealing.

6. Romantic Drama

Should be several romantic connections between characters.

7. Teachers

Should be alcoholic and/or sexy. Always female. If male- must be a pervert.

8. Love Triangle

An entire series can be built on this incredibly cliche plot. Just admit it- You love it anyway.

9. Beach

Bunch of characters take a trip to the beach. useful for characters to get to know one another.

10. Japanese Festival

Characters look cute in Yukatas. Common sense to put every character in a situation where she has to wear one.

11. Big Boobs

Skinny young girls have impossibly large breasts. Keeps males interested in the "action"

12. Aliens

Optional. Interchangeable with robots, secret agents, time travelers, shape shifters and mind readers.

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